Saturday, May 16, 2009

#716 - Blog vs Facebook

note : this entry will only be written in English

Within these last several months, one new blast and sensation arisen in this virtual world, which is Facebook. This networking site is really sensational that many people join it and are addicted to it. Well, I had already signed up on this site even before it became a blast in Indonesia, which was at this time, haha.

Facebook is really amazing, now I barely open the older networking site, Friendster. Probably I open it less than once or twice a month, each less than five minutes, haha. I'm not gonna discuss why Facebook is so popular or so in, there have been so many articles out there discussing that. I just want to write that it is so sensational that now so many people 'focus' on it and, may I say, "dump" some other sites, probably including blogging. Again, I'm not gonna write about why people do that, I'm just about to write my PERSONAL view about this: Facebook vs My Blog.

For me, Facebook and blogging are not substitute products. For me, they are more like complementary products. Why do I think this way? This is because basically I think these two sites offer two different things to me. That also means they provide and satisfy different needs to me. Facebook focuses more on the networking and the fun things like some games and quizes. My blog for me is a recorder of my daily life. I write anything about my daily life, currect thoughts (like this one), or anything else I want here in my blog.

I dunno, probably Facebook also offers a blogging application which supposedly can also satisfy the needs I satisfy on blogging. However, for me this blog is still irreplacable. I have been blogging with this blog since April 2005. My life from that date to now have been recorded here, so I think there is a connection between me and my blog. One simple example is shown on the first paragraph of this entry. I can easily link one event in the past (as long as it happened during the time period). This is kinda fun, rite? This feature won't be found if I start a new blog, except probably the new server provides import feature from blogger. However, I'm just too lazy to move to another server since I am now comfortable with blogger.

Therefore, eventho statistical data I get from Google Analytics shows that there has been a decline on the number of visitors, I will always blog here. :) Anyway, the decline can be caused of many things tho, haha....

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