Sunday, April 29, 2007

#332 - Weekend Story



Saturday morning, I went to the auto workshop to service my car's AC. Because my car didn't have to stay overnight there, so I decided to wait at the workshop. And apparently, I had to wait for 6.5 hrs!! Arrrgggghhhhh.... . Then, at 3.30 PM, the service finished and I had to pay more than 1 million rupiah since some components needed to be 'regenerated' including fan which was the most expensive one (if I didn't regenerate it, it would potentially damage the compressor in some periods of time).

Then, I went back home and after taking a shower, I went to a hotspot cafe and ordered espresso which later on I regretted since I didn't like the taste, arrrgggghhhh.....


Finally Sunday was coming!! I got up at 10 AM. At first I actually planned to go to the internet cafe near my boarding house to save more money but apparently, the connection was off.... :( So, I went to the hotspot cafe (again) and this morning I ordered Mocha Latte (learning from the previous day's experience where I didn't match the taste of espresso). At 2 PM, I went back to my boarding house and took a nap (that was my first nap this week!!! :( )

At 5 PM, my friend and I went to Paris van Java to have dinner at Qua-Li Bandung (and took some pics of it). No promo since my parents didn't invest there, lol... :D After that I bought some stuffs at Carrefour. Then, I brought my friend back home and I went to this hotspot cafe.

That's my weekend story. Arrrggghhhh, another (busy) week is coming up!! :( :( :( I hope it's not gonnabe as busy and full as last week... :(

Btw, because of my friends, now I like playing SUDOKU online, he3... :) My best time for the level "EASY" was still 4 mins 58 secs, not really good, but at least that was in the top 38%, he3... :)



Sabtu pagi, aku pergi ke bengkel mobil buat ngeservis AC mobilku. Karena mobilku nggak harus nginep disana, makanya aku ya mendingan nunggu aja kan. Dan ternyata, aku harus menunggu selama 6,5 jam!! Arrrgggghhhhh.... . Trus, jam 3.30 sore, servisnya udah selesai dan aku harus bayar lebih dari sejuta rupiah deh soale beberapa komponen harus di'regenerasi' termasuk kipasnya yang paling mahal (kali ga aku ganti, berpotensi banget tuh ngerusak kompresornya dalam beberapa waktu).

Trus, aku balik ke kos dan habis mandi, aku pergi ke kafe hotspot dan pesen espresso yang kemudian aku sesali soale ga suka sama rasanya, arrrgggghhhh.....


Akhirnya hari Minggu tiba juga!! Aku bangun jam 10 pagi. Pertamanya sih aku sebenere berencana pergi ke warnet di deket kosku buat menghemat duit tapi ternyata, koneksinya lagi mati... :( Jadinya ya aku pergi ke kafe hotspot (lagi) deh dan pagi ini aku pesen Mocha Latte (belajar dari pengalaman sebelumnya dimana aku ga cocok sama rasa espresso). Jam 2 siang, aku balik ke kosku dan tidur siang deh (ini adalah tidur siang pertama saya minggu ini!!! :( )

Jam 5 sore, aku sama temenku pergi ke Paris van Java untuk makan di Qua-Li Bandung (dan ngambil foto2nya sih). Nggak ada promosi ah, soale kan bukan ortuku yang inves, lol.... :D Habis itu aku beli beberapa barang di Carrefour. Trus, aku nganterin temenku balik ke kos dan aku pergi ke kafe hotspot ini.

Itulah dia cerita weekend saya. Arrrggghhhh, minggu (yang sibuk) lainnya akan segera datang!! :( :( :( Moga2 ga akan sesibuk dan sepenuh minggu kemarin deh.... :(

Btw, gara2 temen2 saya, skarang aku lagi seneng main SUDOKU online nih, he3... :) Rekor terbaik saya buat level "EASY" baru 4 menit 58 detik, ga gitu bagus lah, tapi paling nggak udah masuk 38% teratas tuh, he3... :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

#331 - Tiring Week


Well, this week is exactly one of the most tiring day in my life by mile (sound exaggerating?? Maybe, lol... :D). My exhausting Tuesday has been written here, and here it is Wednesday till Friday story (and a plan for Saturday):

Wed : Full lecture day starting from 9 AM until 5 PM. Then, I had to finish my homework. I actually didn't know the answer for question number 4 since twas so difficult, none of my friends knew the answer. Then, my friend asked me about question number 2, I told her my answer (read: I sent it via email, he3... :D). Then she offered me the answer for question number 4 she had got from seniors, he3... :D. Wow, so lucky. If I didn't get it, I was gonna use my last solving (the solving progress was correct, but my desperado was so obvious on that progress, ha3... :D Even though the answer was found).

Thu : Full lecture day starting from 10.30 AM until 3 PM. There was a discussion at the second lecture and lucky, I got 100, he3... :D After that, I had to do my layout-ing work fro BTS this edition... :( Then, I had to study for the quiz on Friday

Fri : A Macro Economics Quiz. I studied and I think I did pretty well even though I know I made some mistakes... :( Then, apparently, the second lecture, once again, was CANCELED!! Arrrggghhh... . Then, at home, I finished my layout-ing work for BTS since tomorrow I must give it to my friend to be printed and copied...

Whatta tiring week!! I have made an appointment tomorrow morning at 9 AM to service my car's air-conditioner. I don't think it works really well since now it's not as cool as it used to be, and as a result, when it rains, my car's glass turns white because the temperature different inside and outside the car. That's so dangerous...

Btw, apparently this week is a non-elimination week for American Idol!! Wow!! That was the first time in AI's history!! But next week, 2 will go, hmm... . If I have to kick out 2 right now, they will be Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson. Next week I'm gonna vote, he3... ;) I have put it on my cellphone's reminder, lol...


Hmm, minggu ini benar-benar merupakan salah satu minggu paling melelahkan dalam hidup saya sejauh ini (hmm, kedengerennya melebih2kan banget yah?? Mungkin, he3... :D). Cerita Selasaku yang melelahkan udah ditulis disini, dan ini dia cerita Rabu sampe Jumat (dan rencana buat Sabtu):

Rbu : Kuliah penuh dari jam 9 sampe jam 5 sore. Trus aku musti menyelesaikan PRku. Aku sebenere gatau loh jawaban buat nomer 4 soale susah sih, nggak ada temenku yang bisa tu. Trus temenku nanya buat jawaban nomer 2, aku kasi tau jawabanku (baca: jawabannya aku kirim lewat email loh, he3... :D). Trus dia nawarin jawaban buat nomer 4 yang dia dapet dari angkatan atas, he3.... :D Wow, bruntung banget la, soale klo ga aku mau pake cara terakhir tuh (caranya bener, tp keliatan banget putus asa-nya, ha3... :D Jawabannya jg ketemu sih)

Kms : Kuliah penuh dari jam 10.30 sampe jam 3 sore. Ada diskusi di kuliah kedua dan beruntung ni, aku dapet 100, he3... :D Habis itu, aku ngerjain tugas layout-ku buat BTS kali ini... :( Trus, aku musti belajar buat kuis di hari Jumat

Jum : Kuis Ekonomi Makro. Aku belajar sih dan kayake sih aku ngerjain dengan lumayan baik walau aku tau aku membuat beberapa kesalahan... :( Trus, ternyata kuliah keduanya, sekali lagi, DIBATALKAN!!! Arrrggghhh... . Trus, di kos, aku nyelesein tugas layout-ku buat BTS soale besok musti aku kasi ke temenku buat diprint sama diperbanyak...

Bener-bener minggu yang bikin capek dah!! Aku uda bikin janji besok jam 9 pagi untuk ngeservis AC mobilku. Aku rasa ACnya nggak jalan dengan sempurna deh, soale ga sedingin dulu tu, dan hasilnya, waktu hujan, kaca mobilku kan berubah jadi putih gara-gara perbedaan suhu di dalam dan di luar mobil. Kan bahaya banget tuh...

Btw, ternyata minggu ini adalah minggu non-eliminasi di American Idol!! Wow!! Pertama kalinya loh di sejarah American Idol!! Tapi minggu depan bakalan ada 2 orang yang tersisih, hmm.... . Klo musti milih sapa 2 orang yang akan tersisih, kali ini sih aku milih Phil Stacey dan Chris Richardson. Minggu depan aku bakal vote ah, he3... ;) Aku uda masukin tuh ke reminder hapeku, wakakakaka...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

#330 - TAR, Tuesday, & Bird's Eye Review


-- The Amazing Race 11 --

Well, the latest episode of The Amazing Race 11 was probably one of the best episode ever. Why?? Here is why: Oswald&Danny (OD) were running out of money and finished the previous leg with 0 dollar. So, they started last leg with the minimum fund. There was a Yield and they still could Yield (if they wanted to). Dustin&Kandice (DK) had yielded Eric&Danielle (ED) in Malaysia and they had lost their yield power. Surprisingly, OD offered a transaction with DK: if DK gave OD some money, OD would yield anybody DK wanted to. Well, DK accepted that offer and gave OD 45 bucks and asked OD to yield ED.

, OD were always unlucky. They got a non-English Speaker cab driver, they got lost otw to the Detour Task, they got lost on The Detour Task, and they got lost once again otw to the pitstop, causing them became the last team to arrive at the pitstop even if ED had been yielded and 30 mins penalty on them. Lucky, twas a NEL. The final placing: DK, Charla&Mirna, ED, and OD.

Mirna was a bit disappointed since she pointed that dealing with DK for some money was just like making a deal with the devil. Apparently, more or less, that was right. If OD asked Charla&Mirna, they would have given them some.

-- Tuesday Story --

Btw, yesterday was a very exhausting day for me. I got lectures from 7 AM till 2 PM (and a LOGIC QUIZ and I didn't study for it before... :( ). Then, it was raining so hardly at 2 PM> After walking through the storm rain, I finally got back at my boarding house. Then, I called Garuda Indonesia to make a reservation for my plane ticket back home next month (I reserve one month before so I could get the cheapest fare of Jakarta - Yogyakarta flight). Apparently, the cheapest fare was only avaliable at GA 214 (departing at 17.50) and GA 216 (20.00) on Saturday 26th May, and GA 202 (6.00) and GA 204 (8.30) on Sunday 27th May. All cheapest fare on other flights those days have been booked. Okay, so I had no other choice than choosing the GA 214 flight.

Then, I had to take my ticket at Garuda's office. Well, I had never been to Garuda's office in Bandung before and had no idea where that was. According to the Garuda Inflight Magazine, I got the address. I then tried to find it, and guess what?? It took me 1.5 hours just to find the office!! (because twas far, raining, there was a flood, traffic jam, didn't know where that was, etc) Arrrrgggghhhhh.... . I got lost several times. I actually passed the office 2 or 3 times but I didn't notice it since the Garuda Indonesia's Board was unseen from the one-way road... :( :( The good news was that now I know where the office is, he3... :) I then pay the ticket and officially, I'm going back to Yogyakarta via Jakarta next May 26th catching Garuda Indonesia's flight GA 214.

Why don't I catch train anymore?? I'll write it later... :)

Then, I went to a hotspot cafe, finishing my work and assignment, then I went back home. It was not finished yet, I had to finish my homework.... :( Arrrggghhh

-- American Idol --

Here's my bird's eye view this week: Chris Richardson (8), Melinda Doolittle (9.5), Blake Lewis (8.25), LaKisha Jones (8.25), Phil Stacey (7), Jordin Sparks (8.75).

My bottom three: Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, and LaKisha Jones or Blake Lewis.

We will see the result tomorrow on the 2 hrs Result Show


-- The Amazing Race 11 --

Hmm, episode terbaru dari The Amazing Race 11 mungkin merupakan episode terbaik loh. Kenapa?? Ini dia kenapa: Oswald&Danny (OD) kehabisan uang dan menyelesaikan babak sebelumnya dengan uang tersisa 0 dollar. Jadi, mereka memulai babak kemarin dengan jumlah uang minimal. Bakalan ada Yield dan mereka masih bisa menge-yield orang lain (kalo mereka mau). Dustin&Kandice (DK) sudah menge-yield Eric&Danielle (ED) di Malaysia dan sudah kehilangan kekuatan yield mereka. Secara mengejutkan, OD menawarkan transaksi ke DK: kalo DK ngasi mereka duit, OD akan menge-yield siapapun yang DK mau. DK trus setuju dong dan ngasi mereka 45 dollat dan nyuruh OD untuk menge-yield ED.

, OD selalu sial. Mereka dapet sopir taksi yang ga bisa Bahasa Inggris, mereka kesasar dalam perjalanan ke tempat Detour, mereka kesasar di tugas Detour, dan kesasar lagi dalam perjalanan ke pitstop, yang menyebabkan mereka menjadi tim yg terakhir nyampe di pitstop walaupun ED sudah di-yield dan menerima 30 menit penalti. Untungnya, NEL tuh kemarin. Urutan akhirnya: DK, Charla&Mirna, ED, dan OD.

Mirna agak kecewa dan dia menekankan bahwa bertransaksi dengan DK untuk sejumlah uang tu kaya bertransaksi sama setan. Tenryata, lebih kurang, bener juga loh. Klo OD minta ke Charla&Mirna, mereka sudah akan membantu tuh.

-- Cerita Selasa --

Btw, kemarin hari yang sangat melelahkan buat saya. Kuliah dari jam 7 pagi sampe jam 2 siang (dan sebuah KUIS LOGIKA dan aku ga blajar sebelumnya... :( ). Trus, hujan deres buanget deh mulai jam 2 siang. Habis berjalan menembus badai hujan deres, akhirnya nyampe juga di kos. Trus, aku menelepon Garuda Indonesia untuk mesen tiket pesawat balik ke Jogja bulan depan (aku pesen sebulan sebelumnya biar dapet tiket yang paling murah dari penerbangan Jakarta - Yogyakarta). Ternyata, tiket murah tinggal tersisa di penerbangan GA 214 (berangkat jam 17.50) dan GA 216 (20.00) di hari Sabtu, 26 Mei, dan GA 202 (jam 6) dan GA 204 (jam 8.30) di hari Minggu, 27 Mei. Semua tiket murah di penerbangan lainnya udah dipesen. Oke, jadinya gada pilihan lain selain milih GA 214.

Trus, aku musti ngambil tiketnya di kantornya Garuda. Hmm, aku blon pernah ke kantornya Garuda sebelumnya dan bener2 gatau dimana tuh kantor. Berdasarkan majalahnya Garuda, aku dapet deh alamatnya. Aku trus mencoba mencarinya, dan gimana?? Membutuhkan waktu 1,5 jam untuk nemuinnya!! (gara2 jauh, macet, hujan, banjir, gatau dimana tempatnya, dll) Arrrrgggghhhhh.... . Aku kesasar beberapa kali. Sebenere aku ngelewati tu kantor 2 ato 3 kali tapi aku ga sadar soale papannya Garuda Indonesia ga keliatan dari jalan searah... :( :( Berita baiknya sih skarang aku tau dimana kantornya, he3... :) Aku trus bayar tiket dan secara resmi, aku bakalan balik ke Yogyakarta via Jakarta naik Garuda Indonesia penerbangan GA 214 deh.

Kenapa aku ga naik kereta lagi?? Ntar deh aku posting... :)

Trus, aku ke kafe hotspot deh, nyelesaiin tugas-tugasku, trus balik ke kos. Blom selesai, aku musti ngerjain PR... :( Arrrggghhh

-- American Idol --

Ini dia reviewku sekilas minggu ini: Chris Richardson (8), Melinda Doolittle (9.5), Blake Lewis (8.25), LaKisha Jones (8.25), Phil Stacey (7), Jordin Sparks (8.75).

Tiga terbawahku: Chris Richardson, Phil Stacey, dan LaKisha Jones atau Blake Lewis.

Kita akan liat hasilnya besok di Result Show 2 jam

Monday, April 23, 2007

#329 - Sunday (22/4) Story


Last Sunday I got up at 10 AM (I started to sleep at 2.30 AM after watching TV and playing a computer game, he3.... :D). Then, I took a shower, had breakfast and went to an internet cafe near my boarding house. At 1 PM, I walked back to my boarding house. Btw, I still dun have time to watch 24... :(

At 2.30 PM, my friends and I went to Paris van Java just to hang out. There, we went to Gramedia and I bought 2 books, "Plane Crash" and "Why We Want You to Be Rich" by Donald Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki. Well, I regretted a bit buying the first book since after skim-reading it, it was not like what I imagined before. It was just like summary and we could get all the data inside from the internet easily. Detail informations and what caused the accidents were not even included inside. So Poor. Arrrrggghhh... . The second one I think is an interesting book. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book TOGETHER!! Hmmm.... .

Then, we had dinner at TaWan Restaurant. Actually that restaurant was a specialist in porridge but since I don't really like porridge, so I didn't order porridge, he3... :) I ordered KungPow Chicken and Calamari. Then, at 5.40 PM, I brought my friends back home and I went to a hotspot cafe until 8 PM.

::: KungPow Chicken and Calamari I ordered yesterday


Minggu kemarin aku bangun jam 10 pagi (aku mulai tidur jam 2.30 pagi tu habis nonton TV sama main sebuah game komputer, he3.... :D). Trus, aku mandi, trus sarapan dan pergi ke warnet di deket kos deh. Jam 1 siang aku balik ke kos. Btw, aku blon sempet ni nonton 24-nya... :(

Jam 2.30 siang, temen2ku dan aku pergi ke Paris van Java untuk jalan-jalan. Disana, kita pergi ke Gramedia dan aku beli 2 buah buku, "Plane Crash " dan "Why We Want You to be Rich" oleh Donald Trump dan Robert T. Kiyosaki. Hmm, agak menyesal juga sih beli buku yang pertama soale habis membaca cepat, ternyata ga seperti bayangan saya sebelumnya. Bukunya tu cuma kaya ringkasan aja dan semua data di dalamnya bisa kita dapatkan dengan sangat mudah di internet. Informasi mendetail ataupun penyebab kecelakaan bahkan nggak diikutsertakan di dalamnya. Payah. Arrrrggghhh... . Aku rasa, buku yang kedua tu sangat menarik loh. Donald Trump dan Robert Kiyosaki menulis sebuah buku BERSAMA!! Hmmm.... .

Trus, kita makan malam di Restoran TaWan. Sebenere restorannya tu spesialis dalam hal bubur, tapi berhubung saya ga suka sama yang namanya bubur, aku pesan yang lain deh kemarin, he3... :) Aku pesen Ayam KungPow dan Calamari. Trus jam 5.40 sore, aku nganterin temen2ku balik dan aku ke kafe hotspot buat internetan deh sampe jam 8 malem.

#328 - My Blog Second Anniversary

Finally, today my blog reaches its SECOND birthday....

328 entries have been posted on its first two years, or 196 entries during the last one year

Many feedbacks have already been acquired

Many people have come and visited

Thanks everyone for your supports.... . I will keep on writing in this blog... :)

Note: My WeekEnd Story will be posted soon.... :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

#327 - Massacre at Virgina Tech

Pre-Note: This entry is only written in English... :) :) It has been a long time since my all-English entry, hasn't it?? :)

Well, once again, one lecture this afternoon was canceled. Arrrggghhh.... . It's not that bad actually since earlier this morning, I also had another lecture, so my campus-day today wasn't really a waste of time, lol... :( Tomorrow, there is gonnabe an extra class at 11 AM!! :( :( Why should extra-class always be on Saturday?? :( :(

Btw, earlier this week, there was an appalling tragedy happened in The United States. A massacre occured at Virgina Tech University and killed 32 (or 33 including the killer himself who in the end committed a suicide) and one of them was Indonesian. That Indonesian casualty was actually an alumni of my university. So, yesterday at Civilization ("Kewarganegaraan") class, my lecturer talked about it for about 30 minutes eventhough it was not really related to the topic we should discuss. My big condolence towards all victims of that horrible massacre.

Well, I'm not about to write about that massacre analytically since it's out of my zone (it's just very complex to discuss and analyze that tragedy, and my blog capacity is just not that big enough, he3... :D). But I think, what the killer did was actually quite similar to many tragedies (Bali Bombings, JW Marriott Bombing, Kuningan Bombing, etc) that happened in Indonesia, wasn't it?? It was all started by hating other people (in this case the rich in The US according to the video he sent to NBC) then did something he (or they) believed right to lessen the wrong things he (or they) saw even if that could possibly endanger his (or their) life/lives.

Is what he/they did categorized as heroic or fool?? Hmmm, I myself think the tendency was more to the latter. They did something they believed right, but then they killed many innocent people. Hmmm... . That's not heroic anymore. Well, probably 'fool' is also a strong word, since last year, that guy who did that massacre was sent to a psychiatric, some people who were believed caused the tragedies in Indonesia were brain-washed. The bottom line is that people who caused that tragedies first hand were insane, out of their mind, and badly-desperate. So, what really happened?? As I wrote before, that's out of my zone, so I won't write any answer here right now.

Doing any thing we believe right is good, but it still depends on WHAT thing and HOW. If what we does hurts anybody else, that's not good anymore or even worse, it possibly breaks the law and jail (or at least court) is waiting. The problem is that to be able to think that way, people can't be insane, out of their mind, or badly-desperate since people who are like that, can do anything sane people wouldn't even think about. The even worse thing is that some other people can easily make use this kind of people to get what they want, including committing a suicide and many other insane things... :(

Well, since the killer was a Korean, I (and also 'WE' I believe) hope a racial prejudgment won't pop up in The United States nor world.

Once again: My big condolence towards all victims of that horrendous massacre. I hope similar things won't happen again. That's awful and also scary!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

#326 - Wednesday and AI


Well, yesterday, one of my lecturer canceled a class and replaced it to next Saturday... :( So, yesterday morning I was free!! So, just as usual, I went to a hotspot cafe... :) At 3 PM, there was supposed to be a Second Calculus Class. So, at 1 PM I took a nap and got up at 2.30 PM (so I was fresh for the lecturer right after). At 2.50 PM, it started raining.

My Evil thought: "Don't Go!! It's raining!! Just stay here and continue taking a nap!!"
My Angel thought: "Hey hey hey, don't let this damn showering weather make you feel lazy!!"

Once again, the Angel beat the Evil with a laser beam.... :) I walked to my campus even if twas raining. Once I arrived, apparently, the class was CANCELED!! Arrrrgggghhhh... . Apparently the evil was correct, not the angel... :( I think sumtimes I need to listen to the evil, lol...

Btw, this week, my review of American Idol: Phil Stacey (7.5); Jordin Sparks (8.5); Sanjaya Malakar (1); LaKisha Jones (7.5); Chris Richardson (7.5); Melinda Doolittle (9); and Blake Lewis (8).

So, my bottom three: Sanjaya Malakar, LaKisha Jones, Phil Stacey or Chris Richardson.

The real bottom three: Blake Lewis, LaKisha Jones, and Sanjaya Malakar

WHAT!?!?!?!? From this combination and according to their performances since the beginning of the show, Sanjaya Malakar is the one who has to go this week. And who was going home??


YAAAAYYYY!!!!! Finally!! After hanging on for many many weeks, finally he got voted off!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!! Well, if twas not him from that bottom three who got voted off this week, well, twas definitely 100% unfair. LaKisha wasn't great this week, but she deserves the top 6 a lot more than Sanjaya!! :)

::: Bottom Three This Week


Hmm, kemarin, salah seorang dosenku kan uda mbatalin kelas dan menggantinya ke besok Sabtu... :( Jadi, kemarin pagi saya bebas!! Jadi, sepeti biasa, aku pergi ke cafe hotspot deh... :) Jam 3 sore, seharusnya bakalan ada Kelas Kalkulus Dua. Jadi, jam 1 siang aku tidur siang deh sampe jam 2.30, jadi ntar di kelasnya kan aku jadi seger gitu. Jam 2.50 siang, ternyata mulai hujan.

Pikiran Setan: "Ga usa Pergi!! Hujan tu!! Tinggal aja di kos dan tidur lagi!!"
Pikiran Malaikat: "Hey hey hey, jangan membiarkan gerimis kaya gini aja membuat kamu merasa malas!!"

Sekali lagi, Malaikat mengalahkan Setan dengan sinar laser... :) Aku jadi jalan ke kampus walaupun lagi hujan. Begitu sampai, ternyata kelasnya DIBATALKAN!!! Arrrrgggghhhh... . Ternyata yang bener si setan, bukan si malaikat... :( Aku kira kadang-kadang aku perlu mendengarkan suara setan deh, lol...

Btw, minggu ini, review-ku tentang American Idol: Phil Stacey (7.5); Jordin Sparks (8.5); Sanjaya Malakar (1); LaKisha Jones (7.5); Chris Richardson (7.5); Melinda Doolittle (9); dan Blake Lewis (8).

Jadi, tiga terbawahku: Sanjaya Malakar, LaKisha Jones, Phil Stacey atau Chris Richardson.

Tiga terbawah yang sebenernya: Blake Lewis, LaKisha Jones, dan Sanjaya Malakar.

APA!?!?!?!? Dari kombinasi ini dan berdasarkan penampilan mereka semenjak awal acara, Sanjaya Malakar lah yang harus pulang minggu ini. Dan siapa yang tereliminasi??


YAAAAYYYY!!!!! Akhirnya!! Habis bertahan berminggu-minggu, akhirnya dia tereliminasi juga!!! Yeeessssss!!!! Hmm, klo bukan dia nih yang tereliminasi dari 3 terbawah itu, hmm, bener-bener 100% nggak adil tuh. LaKisha nggak bagus-bagus amat minggu ini, tapi dia berhak berada di 6 besar jauh daripada Sanjaya!! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

#325 - Mixed Mixed


Since yesterday the damn f**king slow connection really ruined my schedule to post an entry, so this entry is kinda so mixed up about many some things.

Yesterday I watched the 10th episode (and leg) of The Amazing Race 11. All teams left Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. Well, now I have more respect to Charla&Mirna. Charla is a dwarf, but apparently they chose "Kungfu Fighting" for the Detour Task, not "Lost In Translation". In "Kungfu Fighting", they had to climb up an 11-story bamboo scaffold while avoiding an ongoing battle between stunt kung fu experts to reach the top and retrieve their next clue. While in "Lost In Translation", they had to search among hundreds of similar-looking Chinese signs for the specific sign shown in a photo in their clue.

Well, everyone would have thought Charla&Mirna would take the "Lost In Translation" Detour due to Charla's 'handicap', but they didn't!! They (especially Charla) proved that being dwarf doesn't mean she can't do anything normal people can do. That spirit was kinda touching. I think I like this team even more. Charla also did the Road-Block when she had to act like in typical Hong Kong Movies, kicking many doors in an old building... :) The final placing: Oswald&Danny (1), Dustin and Kandice (2), Charla&Mirna (3), and Eric&Danielle (4 >> NOT ELIMINATED). Btw, from these 4 remaining teams, I'm hoping the final three would be Charla&Mirna, Dustin&Kandice, and Eric&Danielle since they are hating (or at least not liking) each other, while Oswald&Danny were kinda in the middle of it.

Next week I'm 1000% sure it's gonnabe in / MACAU (yep, 2 weeks ago my parents went to Macau, he3... :D).

Btw, today just as usual, was an exhausting day for me, whatta typical Tuesday this semester. I got up at 6.50 AM and my first lecture started at 7 AM. Well, nothing so special happened today... . Like what I said, twas only a typical Tuesday

Btw, last weekend I watched American Dreamz. Wow, twas cool I think. I think this move was a mockery to the US right now. The host of the reality show 'American Dreamz' (a replica of American Idol), Martin Tweed, I think was "inspired" by Simon Cowell, his British Accent, sarcastic-but-honest feedbacks, etc. The US President, terrorist group, ambitious girl who would do everything to get her dream, manipulations, etc, well, I think all of them were a big mockery to the condition in The United States recently. Btw, one contestant in American Dreamz was a male rocker with long hair and his name was Bobby. Hmm, that was clear this character was a replica of Bo Bice (runner up of American Idol season 4), wakakakakaka... :D I think this was an interesting movie to watch. If I have to score, hmmm, I think I score it 8/10.

Btw, I'm kinda confused with the schedule of Indonesian Idol this season. Last night, coincidentally, I switched my TV to RCTI at 11.40 PM and last night was the top 12 boys performance!! Hmm, I didn't watch all of them, but according to the review tape in the end of the show, none of them was really stunning... :(

Arrrgghhh, next Saturday there's gonnabe another extra-class (Discrete Math) since my lecturer cancels tomorrow's class... :( Why?? Why Saturday (again, 2 weeks in a row)?? :(

::: Uchenna&Joyce, the seventh team to be eliminated (last week)


Karena kemarin koneksi yang bener-bener luambat buanget bener-bener menghancurkan rencana saya buat nge-post postingan, jadi entry ini mungkin agak kecampur2 deh tentang banyak beberapa hal.

Kemarin aku nonton episode kesepuluh dari The Amazing Race 11. Semua tim meninggalkan Kuala Lumpur menuju Hong Kong. Hmm, sekarang aku makin respek loh sama Charla&Mirna. Charla tu cebol, tapi ternyata kemarin mereka malah memilih melakukan tugas Detour "Kungfu Fighting", bukan "Lost In Translation". Di "Kungfu Fighting" mereka harus memanjat susunan bambu setinggi 11 lantai sambil menghindari pertarungan antara pemeran pengganti film-film kung fu untuk mencapai puncaknya dan mendapatkan petunjuk selanjutnya. Sementara di "Lost in Translation", mereka harus mencari dari ratusan papan iklan berhuruf Mandarin yang mirip-mirip untuk mencari papan yang bener seperti yang ada di foto.

Hmm, semua bakal mikir kalo Charla&Mirna akan ngambil Detour "Lost In Translation" karena 'kekurangan' Charla, tapi mereka enggak!! Mereka (terutama Charla) membuktikan bahwa menjadi cebol bukan berarti dia gabisa melakukan apa yang orang normal bisa lakukan. Semangatnya itu lumayan menggugah loh. Kayaknya sih aku makin suka tim ini. Charla juga melakukan tugas Road-Block dimana dia harus bertindak seperti bintang film Hong Kong, nendang banyak pintu di gedung tua... :) Urutan akhirnya: Oswald&Danny (1), Dustin and Kandice (2), Charla&Mirna (3), dan Eric&Danielle (4 >> NGGAK TERELIMINASI). Btw, dari 4 tim yang tersisa, aku harap si tiga besarnya bakalan Charla&Mirna, Dustin&Kandice, dan Eric&Danielle soale mereka membenci (paling nggak nggak menyukai) satu sama lain, sementara Oswald&Danny berada agak di tengah2nya.

Minggu depan aku 1000% yakin tugasnya bakalan ada di / MACAU (yep, 2 minggu lalu ortuku pergi ke Macau, he3... :D).

Btw, hari ini seperti biasa, hari yang melelahkan buat saya, Selasa yang tipikal semester ini. Aku bangun jam 6.50 pagi dan kuliah pertama mulai jam 7 pagi. Nggak ada yang spesial si terjadi hari ini... . Kayak kata-kataku barusan, Selasa yang gitu-gitu aja.

Btw, wiken kemarin aku nonton American Dreamz loh. Wow, menurutku keren. Kayake sih film ini tuh merupakan ejekan terhadap Amerika belakangan ini. Pembawa acara reality show 'American Dreamz' (ejekan dari American Idol), Martin Tweed, menurutku tuh "terinspirasi" oleh Simon Cowell, logat British-nya, komentar yang kasar-tapi-jujur, dll. Presiden Amerika, grup teroris, cewek ambisius yang melakukan segala sesuatu untuk menggapai mimpinya, manipulasi, dll, hmm, menurutku mereka semua beneran ejekan yerhadap kondisi Amerika saat ini. Btw, salah satu kontestan di American Dreamz ada yang rocker cowok berambut panjang dan bernama Bobby. Jelas banget kan tuh karakter replika dari Bo Bice (runner up American Idol season 4), wakakakakaka... :D Aku rasa film ini menarik loh ditonton. Kalo aku harus nilai, hmmm, nilainya 8/10 deh

Btw, aku jg agak bingung ni sama jadwalnya Indonesian Idol musim ini. Semalem, ga sengaja, aku mindah channel TV ke RCTI jam 11.40 malem, dan ternyata semalem tu penampilan 12 besar yang cowo!! Hmm, aku ga nonton smua si, tapi berdasarkan review di akhir acaranya, aku rasa ga ada deh yang bener-bener memukau... :(

Arrrgghhh, besok Sabtu bakalan ada kelas ekstra lagi (Mat Diskret) soale dosenku membatalkan kelas besok... :( Kenapa?? Kenapa Sabtu (lagi, 2 minggu berturut2)?? :(

Saturday, April 14, 2007

#324 - Saturday (14/4) Story and 40,000!!


Well, last night I went to bed at 3 AM in the morning, why?? Well, because I played a computer games and watched a movie, he3... :) My original plan was to get up at around 10 AM when my friend would come to my boarding house and hand me his Flash-Disc. BUT, at 8.50 AM, he arrived at my boarding house when I was still enjoying my precious sleep and of course, woke me up. Arrrggghhhh... . I was still so sleepy at that time and continued my sleep, but I just couldn't... :( So, at 9.30 AM I got up, took a shower, and had breakfast.

At 11 AM I went to an internet cafe near my boarding house to print my project, but unfortunately, they didn't have Microsoft Publisher, and as a result, I couldn't print it!! Arrrggghhhh.... . Okay, so after surfing the net for 45 minutes, I went back to my boarding house.

Well, as you can read at my previous entry, today there was an extra class for me which my lecturer promised would start at 2 PM. Unfortunately, at 1.40 PM, it started raining and it was getting worse and worse!! Arrrggghhhh.... . Okay, remembering that this meeting was gonnabe a discussion where we would get a score (I didn't write this before, well, my lecturer was so sneaky apparently, the extra class was a discussion class!! Arrrggghhh....), so I went through the rain and walked to my campus... :) (if it wasn't a discussion class, I would have been absent).

There, my friend said that even the first class still hadn't finished yet!! It was NOT a one hour class, but still a 2 hrs class!! Arrrggghhhh... . So, according to the schedule, my class would star at 4 PM!! What!?!?!?!?!? But lucky, after talking with the lecturer, we were allowed to join the 2 PM class, he3.... :) And yep, twas a discussion class and in the end, I got 90 for my score, wakakakakaka.... :) So, all the sacrifices things I passed through (Saturday class, walking through the rain, bargaining with my lecturer) were worthed, he3.... :) Then, at 4.10 PM, I walked back to my boarding house

Btw, lucky we were allowed to join the 2 PM class, if we weren't, imagine we would have had to wait for 2 hrs then "spent our Saturday Night" with the lecturer?? No Way... . Wakakakakakaka.... :D

Btw, finally today the number of visitors of my blog reached 40,000!! Wow, it reached 30,000 this time, so that means in less than 4 months, there have been 10,000 hits (so, in average, 2,500 hits each month, that's pretty good I think... :) ) Thank's All for supporting and visiting my blog... :) --> I'm gonna write a similar entry after it reaches 50,000.

::: 40,000!!!


Hmm, semalem aku baru tidur jam 3 pagi nih, kenapa?? Soale aku main game komputer dan nonton film sih, he3... :) Rencana awalku sih maunya bangun jam 10 pagi-an gitu waktu temenku mau dateng ke kosku ngasiin USB Flash-Disk-nya. TAPI, jam 8.50 pagi dia dah dateng di kosku ketika aku masih menikmati tidurku yang sangat berharga, dan tentu aja kan, itu membangunkan saya. Arrrggghhhh... . Aku masih ngantuk banget waktu itu dan mencoba untuk melanjutkan tidur saya, tapi aku gabisa... :( Jadi, jam 9.30 pagi, aku bangun, mandi, dan makan pagi deh. ... :(

Jam 11 pagi aku ke warnet deket kos buat nge-print tugasku, tapi malangnya, mereka ga punya Microsoft Publisher, dan sebagai hasilnya, aku gabisa ngeprint!!Arrrggghhhh.... . Okay, jadi habis internetan selama 45 menit, aku balik deh ke kosku.

Ngomong2, seperti yang bisa dibaca pada postingan sebelumnya, hari ini ada kelas tambahan yang dosennya janji akan dimulai jam 2 siang. Malangnya, sekitar jam 1.40an gitu mulai hujan, dan ternyata makin lama makin deres!! Arrrggghhhh.... . Okay, mengingat pertemuan kali ini akan menjadi kelas diskusi dimana kita akan dapat satu nilai (aku nggak tulis ini nih sebelumnya, hmm, dosenku licik banget yah, kelas ekstra sengaja dibikin kelas diskusi!! Arrrggghhh....), jadi ya dah deh, aku berjalan menerjang hujan dan jalan deh ke kampus... :) (klo bukan kelas diskusi mah, aku dah bolos tu).

Disana, temenku bilang kalo bahkan kelas pertamapun masih belum selesai!! Ternyata BUKAN kelas 1 jam, tapi masih 2 jam!! Arrrggghhhh... . Jadi, berdasarkan jadwal, kelasku akan mulai jam 4 sore!! Apa!?!?!?!?!? Tapi untungnya, habis ngomong sama dosennya, kita boleh deh nggabung sama kelas yang jam 2, he3.... :) Dan bener aja, tadi merupakan kelas diskusi dan akhirnya, aku dapet nilai 90 deh, wakakakakaka.... :) Jadi, semua pengorbanan hal yang aku lalui (kelas hari Sabtu, jalan menerjang hujan, nawar masuk sama dosennya) setimpal juga, he3.... :) Trus jam 4.10 sore aku balik deh ke kos.

Btw, beruntung tu aku bisa masuk kelas jam 2, klo ga masa harus nunggu 2 jam trus "malam mingguan" sama si dosen si?? Parah... . Wakakakakakaka.... :D

Btw, akhirnya hari ini jumlah pengunjung blogku mencapai angka 40.000!! Wow, nomornya padahal mencapai angka 30.000 pada waktu ini, jadi itu berarti dalam waktu kurang dari 4 bulan, udah ada 10.000 hits deh disini (jadi rata-ratanya ya lebih dari 2500 lah stiap bulannya, lumayan bagus deh mnurutku... :) ). Makasih ya udah mendukung dan mengunjungi blog saya... :) --> aku akan nulis hal yang serupa waktu jumlahnya mencapai angka 50.000

Friday, April 13, 2007

#323 - ...


Arrrrggghhhh, tomorrow is Saturday, the day that I should be waiting for, but not this week. Why?? Well, because last week Thursday was an off-day, and one of my MKU class is held on Thursday, so my lecturer decided to be kind hold another class for us as an exchange of the class which was off last week. But the problem is that the only available day for that extra class is SATURDAY, my off-day!! Arrrrgggghhhh.... . Plus, at first, our class would be held at 4 PM (2 hrs class, so if it starts at 4 PM, it will finish at 6 PM)! What!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?? An extra class on Saturday (that's bad) and 4 PM (that's now insane!!!)!!!! Lucky, after protesting, the lecturer compromised to us by contracting the classes only 1 hr each (there were 3 classes who will have extra-time tomorrow) so my class will be held at 2 PM, that's a lot better, he3... :)

Btw, this week, the theme of American Idol was Latin Songs. My review: Melinda Doolittle (7.75), LaKisha Jones (7.5), Chris Richardson (7), Haley Scarnato (6), Phil Stacey (6), Jordin Sparks (7.5), Blake Lewis (9), and Sanjaya Malakar (6.75).

Wow, this week really surprised me. LaKisha, Melinda and Jordin weren't really shining, Sanjaya surprised me by singing that Spanish song and twas pretty good (his best by mile), and the only great performance was Blake's. Hmmm....

Real Bottom Three: Phil Stacey, Chris Richardson, and Haley Scarnato (ELIMINATED).

::: Bottom Three This Wekk


Arrrrggghhhh, besok adalah Sabtu, hari yang seharusnya aku tunggu-tunggu, tapi ndak untuk minggu ini. Knapa?? Hmm, soale karena minggu lalu Kamis tuh hari libur, dan salah satu kelas MKU-ku kan diadain tiap hari Kamis, nah dosennya ni pingin baik hati mengadakan kelas lain sebagai pengganti dari kelas yang diliburkan minggu lalunya. Masalahnya, hari yang tersedia ya cuma hari SABTU, hari libur saya!! Arrrrgggghhhh.... . Plus, pertamanya kelasnya mau diadain jam 4 sore loh (kelasnya 2 jam, jadi kalo misalnya mulai jam 4 sore, ya selesainya jam 6 sore)! Apa!?!?!?! Bercanda nih?? Sebuah kelas pengganti di hari Sabtu (dah parah tuh) dan dimulai jam 4 sore (skarang dah bener2 gila tu!!!)!!!! Untungnya, habis protes, dosennya berkompromi dengan kita dengan mengontraksi kelas menjadi hanya 1 jam saja masing-masing (kan bakalan ada 3 kelas tu yang dapet kelas tambahan besok), jadi kelasku bakalan diadain jam 2 siang deh, jauh lebih baik lah, he3... :)

Btw, minggu ini, tema dari American Idol adalah Lagu-lagu Latin. Menurutku nih: Melinda Doolittle (7,75), LaKisha Jones (7,5), Chris Richardson (7), Haley Scarnato (6), Phil Stacey (6), Jordin Sparks (7,5), Blake Lewis (9), dan Sanjaya Malakar (6,75).

Wow, minggu ini mengejutkan saya. LaKisha, Melinda, dan Jordin ga begitu bersinar, Sanjaya mengejutkan aku dengan lagu Spanyol itu dan lumayan bagus loh (yang terbaik dari dia sejauh ini), dan penampilan yang keren menurutku cuma penampilannya Blake. Hmm....

Tiga terbawah yang sebenernya: Phil Stacey, Chris Richardson, and Haley Scarnato (TERELIMINASI).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

#322 - Wednesday Story


This Wednesday, one again, has been an ordinary lecture-day for me. My first lecture started at 9 AM and finished at 10.30 AM. Then, my friends and I had lunch at FISIP Canteen (well, I actually didn't have lunch since I was still full after having breakfast at 8.55 AM earlier today). Right after that, we went to my boarding house to study do some assignments. I worked on my lay-out assignment for BTS this week. But in the end, we played cards, wakakakakaka... lol

At 3 PM, we walked to our campus to have our second lecture, Second Calculus. Apparently, there was a QUIZ!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH..... . There were 4 questions, and I think I did the first one pretty well. The second one was actually so simple (using chain rule (implicit derivative)), but at first I thought too complicated!! I wasted my previous 30 minutes to solve the question and ended up with nothing. Well, my progress wasn't wrong, but too complicated and long. But in the last 5 minutes, I realized the shortest and easier way to solve it!! Arrggghhh... .

It was like I want to go to Jakarta from Bandung, where I actually can take the highway and arrive at Jakarta so quick and easy, but then I took the other way to Cirebon first and got lost there!! Arrrgggghhhh.... . Luckily, my long progress wasn't really wasting my time since it also solved the third question half-way and I only needed to check and change some things. But because I wasted TOO much time, I didn't have the time to think at the last question!! Arrrgggghhhhh....

Ah, whateva!!

Btw, last MOnday I watched the ninth leg of The Amazing Race 11. All 5 teams left Poland and went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Charla&Mirna were so smart in managing flights and they arrived first at KL (via Warsaw and Vienna), reversely, Uchenna&Joyce took a risky flight and things didn't go their way, they didn't make the connection at Frankfurt. The other teams took flights via Paris.

In KL, they had to do some tasks. In Detour, they had to choose between Artistic Expression or Cookie Confection. In Road-Block, they had to do a part-time job by biking and collecting old newspaper until 8 hands high. Btw, on the race, Dustin&Kandice used their yield power against Eric&Danielle. The final result: Dustin&Kandice (1), Charla&Mirna (2), Eric&Danielle (3), Oswald&Danny (4), and Uchenna&Joyce (5 >> ELIMINATED because of the flight, they won the seventh season, but got eliminated this time).


Rabu ini, sekali lagi, adalah hari kuliah yang biasa buat saya. Kuliah pertama mulai jam 9 pagi dan selesai jam 10.30 pagi. Trus, aku sama temen2ku makan siang di Kantin FISIP (hmm, sebenere aku ga makan sih, soale masih kenyang, kan baru aja makan pagi jam 8.55 sebelumnya). Habis itu, kita pergi ke kosku untuk belajar ngerjain beberapa tugas. Aku mengerjakan tugas lay-out buat BTS minggu ini. Tapi akhirnya, ya tetep aja main kartu, wakakakakaka... lol

Jam 3 sore, kita jalan ke kampus untuk mengikuti kuliah kedua, Kalkulus Dua. Ternyata, ada KUIS!!! ARRRGGGGHHHHH..... . Ada 4 pertanyaan, dan kayake sih pertanyaan pertama bisa lah. Nah, pertanyaan kedua tuh sebenere gampang (pake aturan rantai (turunan implisit)), nah masalahnya, pertamanya aku berpikir terlalu rumit!! Aku membuang2 waktu berhargaku 30 menit untuk menyelesaikannya tapi akhirnya ga dapet apa-apa. Hmm, prosesku ga salah si sebenernya, cuma terlalu rumit dan panjang aja. Tapi baru 5 menit terakhir aku menyadari cara tersingkat dan mudah untuk menyelesaikannya!! Arrggghhh... .

Ibaratnya sih kaya kalo aku mau pergi ke Jakarta dari Bandung dimana aku kan sebenere tinggal lewat jalan tol aja buat nyampe di Jakarta cepet dan gampang, tapi tadi aku malah mengambil jalan lain ke Cirebon dulu trus malah kesasar disana!! Arrrgggghhhh.... . Untungnya, proses panjangku ga sepenuhnya sia-sia sih, soale secara ga langsung juga udah nyelesaiin setengah pertanyaan ketiga dan aku cuma perlu ngecek dan ngeganti beberapa hal. Tapi karena aku membuang2 waktu TERLALU banyak, aku jadi ga ada waktu biat memikirkan pertanyaan terakhir!! Arrrgggghhhhh....

Ah, udahlah!!

Btw, Senin kemarin aku nonton babak kesembilan dari The Amazing Race 11. Semua 5 tim meninggalkan Polandia dan pergi ke Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Charla&Mirna pinter banget nyusun jadwal pesawat dan mereka sampai duluan deh di KL (via Warsawa dan Vienna), kebalikannya, Uchenna&Joyce ngambil penerbangan yang beresiko dan nasibnya malang, mereka gabisa naik penerbangan lanjutan di Frankfurt. Tim lainnya ngambil penerbangan via Paris.

Di KL, mereka harus melakukan beberapa tugas. Di Detour, mereka harus memilih diantara Artistic Expression atau Cookie Confection. Di Road-Block, mereka harus melakukan pekerjaan part-time dengan naik sepeda dan ngumpulin koran bekas 8 jengkal tingginya. Btw, dalam pertandingan, Dustin&Kandice menggunakan kekuatan yield mereka melawan Eric&Danielle. Hasil akhirnya: Dustin&Kandice (1), Charla&Mirna (2), Eric&Danielle (3), Oswald and Danny (4), dan Uchenna&Joyce (5 >> TERELIMINASI karena penerbangan yang tadi, mereka memenangkan musim ketujuh, tapi tereliminasi kali ini).

Monday, April 09, 2007

#321 - Back to Bandung


Finally yesterday afternoon I went back to Bandung catching Argo Wilis Express. Well, it departed only late 3 minutes (12.18 PM). But then, it arrived soo late, at 8.20 PM in Bandung!! Compare with my previous journey to Bandung also catching Argo Wilis: it departed so late, at 12.35 PM, then arrived at 7.30 PM (you can read the whole story here). Arrggghhhh.... . Plus, twas raining yesterday which just made everything worse. PLUS, there was no Blue Bird Taxi parking on their usual place, so I gotta find another taxi and that's kinda frustrating since I also had to bargain with some drivers since they didn't want to run the meter!! :(

That's why next time I go on "mudik" to Jogja, I prefer NOT to catch train anymore since it's getting slower and slower, not that comfortable, and hard to find taxi!! Next time I'll try to catch plane via Jakarta, he3... :) FYI, direct flight between Yogyakarta and Bandung has been closed since December 2006 (my friend said that)

Hhhh, this morning my ordinary college-days started. My first lecture started at 8 AM and the day finished at 3 PM after Second Calculus Lecture. Then, since my bathroom's lamp is dead, so this evening I went to Carrefour Paris van Java to buy another lamp to replace it. I also bought some other things there BUT after I left PVJ, I realized that I forgot to buy "Adem Sari"!! Arrrgggghhhh..... . That's fine though

Btw, yesterday and the day before, my free-domain was error and my blog couldn't be accessed via; but lucky today it works properly again, he3... :) Hopefully no more trouble...


Akhirnya kemarin siang aku balik lagi ke Bandung deh naik Kereta Ekspres Argo Wilis. Hmm, berangkatnya cuma telat 3 menit sih (jam 12.18). Tapi kemudian, sampainya telaaattt banget, jam 8.20 di Bandung!! Bandingkan nih dengan perjalananku ke Bandung yang sebelumnya juga naik Argo Wilis: berangkatnya telat banget, jam 12.35 siang, tapi kemudian sampainya jam 7.30 malem (bisa dibaca disini). Arrggghhhh.... . Plus, kemarin tu di Bandung juga lagi ujan yang bikin suasana tambah parah aja. PLUS, kemarin ga ada taksi Blue Bird yang parkir di tempatnya yang biasa dan aku kan jadi harus nyari taksi lain dan ini bikin jengkel soale aku jadi harus tawar2an sama sopir lain ini soale mereka gamau ngejalanin argo!! :(

Itulah mengapa besok lagi kalo aku mudik ke Jogja, jadi mendingan ga naik kereta lagi deh soale kan skarang kereta makin lambat, gak nyaman, dan susah euy nyari taksi!! Besok-besok lagi mendingan mau nyoba naik pesawat via Jakarta ah, he3... :) FYI, penerbangan langsung antara Yogyakarta dan Bandung ternyata sudah ditutup loh sejak Desember 2006 (katanya temenku nih)

Hhhh, pagi ini hari-hari kuliah yang biasa dimulai. Pertama kuliah mulai jam 8 pagi dan hari ini selesai jam 3 sore habis uliah Kalkulus Dua. Trus, karena lampu kamar mandiku mati, makanya tadi aku terpaksa ke Carrefour Paris van Java untuk beli lampu lain buat ngegantiin lampu yg lama. Aku juga beli beberapa benda lain sih TAPI habis meninggalkan PVJ, aku baru sadar kalo aku tuh lupa beli "Adem Sari"!! Arrrgggghhhh..... . Sebenere gapapa sih

Btw, kemarin sama kemarin lusa, domain gratisanku lagi error dan blogku gabisa diakses lewat tuh; tapi untung-nya hari ini udah jalan lagi seperti biasa, he3... :) Moga2 ga ada masalah lagi deh...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

#320 - Happy Easter 2007!!

I wanna say:


to all of you who celebrate this moment

May the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ strenghten and make all of us becoming a better person

Saturday, April 07, 2007

#319 - My Friday Story


Yesterday, I started to sleep at 5 AM since I watched some episodes of Star Trek : Enterprise (season 1) before.

I then got up at 11 AM. At 1 PM, my friend and I went to Plaza Ambarrukmo. Well, the original plan was to watch a movie, whether it could be Mr Bean's Holiday or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) at 1.50 PM and 2.15 PM respectively. Unfortunately, yesterday was Friday and twas a holiday and it created a "long weekend" when there are usually so many people come to Yogyakarta, and so were yesterday. Plaza Ambarrukmo was so full and we didn't find any empty space for parking on the basement. So, we had to go up and up and up to find a free space. Well, we then went around 8 floors of parking lots and none of them had one empty space!! We had no other option than parking on top of Plaza Ambarrukmo (which actually is an advantage if you want to watch movie at 21 since the parking area is so close to 21, he3... :D)

We walked to 21, and because the "manuever" in the parking lot, we were so late and arrived at 1.55 PM. When I asked the ticket seller, the only remaining seats of Mr. Bean were on the first row (front) plus, it had been late for 15 minutes. And TMNT?? Well, I dunno why but my curiosity had already been vaporized... :( In Plaza Ambarrukmo, we met some other friends. We then just walked around PA. At 4 PM, we left PA. Btw, the exit way was so short, not like the entrance to the open-parking-lot on top of PA which forced us to go round and round. Driving up could be 20 minutes, but to get out only needs 3 mins.

We then went to Toga Mas Bookstore. I bought 5 comics, he3... :) There were some interesting books, but I just wanted to spend less this month. Well, after that actually we wanted to eat at one fried-rice warung near Patuk Market, but at that time the warung was still not open yet, so we eventually had dinner at Kiko Restaurant. We then went back home at about 6 PM.

Back at home, my lil' bro hung up with his friends. >> Fast Forward >> Apparently he had dinner at that fried rice warung!! He3... :) As I already asked before, he brought me one home, he3... :) Thx God. Later that night, I finished watching the first season of Star Trek : Enterprise. It was cool!! The last episode was connected to the first episode the next season!! Arrrggghhhh.... . I was so sleepy and went to bed at 3 AM this morning


Kemarin aku mulai tidur jam 5 pagi soale aku sebelumnya nonton beberapa episode dari Star Trek : Enterprise (season 1).

Aku trus bangun jam 11 pagi. Jam 1 siang, aku sama temenku pergi ke Plaza Ambarrukmo. Rencana asalnya sih mau nonton film, bisa Mr. Bean's Holiday atau eenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) / Kura-Kura Ninja jam 1.50 dan jam 2.15. Malangnya, kemarin adalah hari Jumat dan liburan pula dan menyebabkan "long weekend" dimana biasanya banyak orang dateng ke Yogyakarta, dan begitu pula kemarin. Plaza Ambarrukmo penuh banget dan ga nemu tempat parkir kosong di basement. Jadi, kita mesti pergi naik, naik, dan naik untuk nyari sebuah tempat kosong. Hmm, habis mengelilingi 8 lantai yang kesemuanya ga ada tempat 1 kosong pun, ga ada pilihan lain deh slain parkir di atapnya Plaza Ambarrukmo (yg sebenernya merupakan keuntungan kalo mau nonton film di 21 soale kan deket tu, he3... :D)

Kita jalan ke 21, dan karena "manuver" di tempat parkir, kita telat banget dan baru sampe jam 1.55. Trus waktu aku nanya ke penjual tiketnya, tempat yang tersisa untuk Mr. Bean adalah barus pertama (depan) plus, udah telat 15 menit. Dan TMNT?? Hmm, gatau napa tapi rasa penasaranku udah hilang tak berbekas... :( Di Plaza Ambarrukmo, kita ketemu beberapa temen. Trus kita jalan2 di PA aja deh. Jam 4 sore, kita meninggalkan PA. Btw, jalan keluarnya ternyata cepet banget, ga kaya jalan masuk ke tempat parkir di atas yang musti muter2. Naiknya bisa 20 menit, keluarnya cuma 3 menit.

Kita trus pergi ke Toko Buku Toga Mas. Aku beli komik 5 biji, he3... :) Ada beberapa buku yg menarik sih, tapi kan aku lagi mau menghemat bulan ini. Habis itu, sebenere kita mau makan di sebuah warung nasi goreng di Pasar Patuk, tapi pada waktu itu warungnya masih blon buka, jadi akhirnya ya malah makan di Restoran Kiko deh. Trus kita balik sekitar jam 6 sore.

Balik di rumah, adikku pergi sama temen2nya. >> Fast Forward >> Ternyata dia makan malam di warung nasi goreng yang itu!! He3... :) Seperti yang udah aku pesenin ke dia, dia mbawain aku pulang satu, he3... :) Trima Kasih Tuhan. Malemnya, aku nyelesein nonton episode pertama dari Star Trek : Enterprise. Keren loh!! Episode terakhirnya ternyata berhubungan dengan episode pertama season berikutnya!! Arrrggghhhh.... . Aku ngantuk banget dan bobok deh jam 3 pagi tadi

Thursday, April 05, 2007

#318 - AI and Star Trek (Enterprise)


Well, my review for AI this week (tribute to Tonny Bennett):

IDOLS-01 : Blake Lewis. 8/10. An interesting performance

IDOLS-02 : Phil Stacey. 4.5/10. What was that?? Ballad song like that just doesn't suit him

IDOLS-03 : Melinda Doolittle. 9/10. Just as usual

IDOLS-04 : Chris Richardson. 8/10. An interesting performance, one of his best

IDOLS-05 : Jordin Sparks. 8/10. Not as great as some other previous performances of hers

IDOLS-06 : Gina Glocksen. 7/10. I dunno but she was out of her comfort zone (rock). Not as beautiful as it was supposed to be (for me)

IDOLS-07 : Sanjaya Malakar. 1/10. That was horribly terribly AWFUL!!! (actually I wanted to give him 0, but I then gave him a special effort score, so now it's 1)

IDOLS-08 : Haley Scarnato. 7/10. A pretty interesting performance, even though I still prefer her "Tell Him"

IDOLS-09 : LaKisha Jones. 8.5/10. Just as usual

My Top three: Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones, Jordin Sparks/Chris Richardson/Blake Lewis
My Bottom three: Gina Glocksen/Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar

Real Top Three: LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks (wow!!!! I like this composition!!!)
Real Bottom Three: Haley Scarnato, Gina Glocksen, Phil Stacey

Arrrrgggghhhh, Sanjaya Malakar, once again, was NOT in the bottom three!!!! OMG, who voted for him?? I dunno why they voted for him. Simon's tactic didn't work really well this week. He said: "incredible" for Sanjaya's performance, which actually meant his performance was completely utterly awful (that's why he said that's a new tactic, he usually said bad things about Sanjaya and Sanjaya always escaped, now he tried to say something good (even though it's fake) to get him OUT of the competition).

And who got eliminated??

Eliminated : Gina Glocksen

Btw, I like Michael Buble's comment in the Result Show: "Am I wasting my votes by still voting for Antonella Barba??" Ha3.... :)

Btw, these last 2 days I've watched several episodes of Star Trek : Enterprise. It was cool!! He3... :) Even though the story was about futural-science-fiction. but actually it's not as shallow as that. We (I) can learn many things about human (especially the social aspect) there... . But, I guess that's why the number of people who like Star Trek is not as many as them who like Star Wars. Because Star Trek is a "heavy" one, while Star Wars is more like "entertaining" movies. But I myself, I still prefer Star Trek A LOT, he3... :)

::: Bottom Three This Week

::: Star Trek Enterprise's Cast

::: Enterprise NX-01, the starship


Ini dia review saya tentang AI minggu ini (tribute to Tonny Bennett):

IDOLS-01 : Blake Lewis. 8/10. Penampilan yg menarik

IDOLS-02 : Phil Stacey. 4,5/10. Apa itu?? Lagu ballad ga cocok ah sama dia

IDOLS-03 : Melinda Doolittle. 9/10. Seperti biasa

IDOLS-04 : Chris Richardson. 8/10. Penampilan yg menarik. Salah satu yg terbaiknya tu

IDOLS-05 : Jordin Sparks. 8/10. Nggak sebagus beberapa penampilan lain dari dia sebelumnya

IDOLS-06 : Gina Glocksen. 7/10. Nggak gitu ngerti tapi yg jelas dia sih keluar dari zona nyamannya (rock). Nggak seindah yang seharusnya deh lagunya (untuk aku)

IDOLS-07 : Sanjaya Malakar. 1/10. Yang ini tuh bener-bener super PARAH sekali!!! (sebenere mau aku kasi nilai 0, tapi aku kasi nilai karena berusaha deh, jadi 1 skarang nilainya)

IDOLS-08 : Haley Scarnato. 7/10. Penampilan yg lumayan menarik, tapi aku masih milih penampilannya yang "Tell Him"

IDOLS-09 : LaKisha Jones. 8,5/10. Seperti biasa lah

Tiga Teratasku: Melinda Doolittle, Lakisha Jones, Jordin Sparks/Chris Richardson/Blake Lewis
Tiga Terbawahku: Gina Glocksen/Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar

Tiga Teratas yang Sebenarnya: LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks (wow!!!! aku suka komposisi ini!!!)
Tiga Terbawah yang Sebenarnya: Haley Scarnato, Gina Glocksen, Phil Stacey

Arrrrgggghhhh, Sanjaya Malakar, sekali lagi, NGGAK masuk tiga terbawah!!! OMG, siapa sih yang nge-vote dia?? Gatau deh kenapa dia harus didukung. Taktiknya Simon ga jalan lagi deh minggu ini. Dia mengatakan: "incredible (bagus sekali)" untuk penampilannya Sanjaya, yang sebenernya sih berarti penampilannya bener-bener parah sekali. (makanya dia bilang itu taktik baru, dia kan biasanya bilang kejelekan Sanjaya dan Sanjaya selalu selamat, sekarang dia mencoba mengatakan sesuatu yg baik (walaupun palsu) dengan harapan dia KELUAR dari kompetisi ini).

Dan siapa yang tereliminasi??

Tereliminasi : Gina Glocksen

Btw, aku suka tu komentarnya Michael Buble di Result Shownya: "Apakah aku membuang2 suara-ku dengan masih menge-vote Antonella Barba??" Ha3.... :)

Btw, 2 hari belakangan ini aku nonton beberapa episode dari Star Trek : Enterprise. Keren loh!! He3... :) Walaupun ceritanya tuh tentang science-fiction-masa-depan, tapi sebenernya sih nggak sedangkal itu. Kita (aku) bisa belajar banyak hal tentang manusia (terutama aspek sosialnya) disana... . Tapi, justru karena itulah aku rasa banyaknya orang yang suka Star Trek ga sebanyak Star Wars. Soale Star Trek kan film yang "berat" sementara Star Wars kan lebih "menghibur". Tapi aku sendiri lebih milih Star Trek banget loh, he3... :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#317 - Tuesday Story


Okay, okay. Now I'm not gonna write about TV Show, he3... :)

This morning I got up at 9 AM. Then after having breakfast and doin some other things, I dressep up and was ready to go to Plaza Ambarrukmo. Well, today my plan was to dye my hair. Why?? Well, after about 2.5 months, I think my highlite color was not really great (well, that's obvious since twas cheap, he3... :D) since some feedbacks that I got (wakakakaka... :D) said that sometimes it didn't look really blonde but grey!! WHAT!?!?!?!? Arrrggghhh.... . That's why then I decided to re-dyed it beside it has already been more than 2 months.

At 10.30 AM I went to PA, and at 12.30 PM I left PA. This is one thing that I like when I'm at Jogja, my mom paid for it, wakakakaka... :D (if I dye my hair in Bandung at this class of salon, well, my wallet will be sooo starving). I didn't highlite my hair again this morning since the guy there said that twas so risky since in some weeks, my previous highlite color is possible to show up again and as a result, the whole color will be a mess. That's why this morning, I dyed all my hair with only one color (dark "shiny" brown-red >> well, I dun really know the name, he3... :D)

Then, I accompanied my mom to 2 banks and paid annual assurance fee. Btw, tomorrow my parents are going to and on vacation... (arrrggghh, jealous). Then, we had lunch at a "Mie Bandung" Restaurant (well, I haven't had meal at this restaurant for months!! He3... :D) and I ordered Ifumie. Then, we went back home.

::: Ifumie I ordered this afternoon

::: narcist time, ha3... :)

::: narcist time (2), ha3... :)

(new hair color, well, apparently the new "dark shiny brown-red" color is not really clear in the photos... :( >> probably because the color was pretty close to my original hair color (dark-brown) so it's not so clear if you don't see it yourself plus I just washed my hair before I took these 2 pics, he3... :D )


Okay, okay. Skarang aku nggak akan nulis tentang TV Show lagi koq, he3... :)

Pagi ini aku bangun jam 9 pagi. Trus habis makan pagi dan melakukan hal-hal biasa, aku ganti baju dan siap pergi ke Plaza Ambarrukmo. Hmm, hari ini rencana saya adalah mengecat rambut lagi. Kenapa?? Hmm, habis sekitar 2,5 bulan, aku rasa warna highlite yg waktu itu juga ga gitu bagus (jelas lah, kan murah, he3... :D) dan beberapa komentar yang aku dapet (wakakakaka... :D) mengatakan kalo kadang2 malah ga keliatan pirang tapi malah putih!! APA!?!?!?!? Arrrggghhh.... . Makanya aku trus memutuskan untuk ngecat ulang aja deh, disamping memang udah 2 bulan lebih si.

Jam 10.30 aku pergi ke PA, dan jam 12.30 siang balik deh. Ini satu hal yang aku suka saat berada di Jogja, kan dibayari, wakakakaka... :D (iya lah, klo ngecat di Bandung di salon kelas yang tadi, hmm, dompetku bakalan pendarahan tu). Aku nggak nge-highlite lagi kali ini soale katanya beresiko banget soale dalam beberapa minggu, warna highlite kemarin yang ditumpuki bisa keluar lagi, dan hasilnya, jadi kacau deh. Makanya pagi tadi aku cuma ngecet semua rambutku dengan satu warna (coklat-merah tua "mengkilap" >> hmm, aku ga gitu tau namanya ni, he3... :D)

Trus, aku nemeni mamaku pergi ke 2 bank dan bayar biaya asuransi tahunan. Btw, besok ortuku mau pergi ke dan buat liburan ni... (arrrggghh, merasa iri). Trus, kita makan siang di sebuah restoran "Mie Bandung" (aku dah ga makan di situ berbulan2 ni!! He3... :D) dan aku pesen Ifumie. Habis itu, balik ke rumah deh.