Friday, April 20, 2007

#327 - Massacre at Virgina Tech

Pre-Note: This entry is only written in English... :) :) It has been a long time since my all-English entry, hasn't it?? :)

Well, once again, one lecture this afternoon was canceled. Arrrggghhh.... . It's not that bad actually since earlier this morning, I also had another lecture, so my campus-day today wasn't really a waste of time, lol... :( Tomorrow, there is gonnabe an extra class at 11 AM!! :( :( Why should extra-class always be on Saturday?? :( :(

Btw, earlier this week, there was an appalling tragedy happened in The United States. A massacre occured at Virgina Tech University and killed 32 (or 33 including the killer himself who in the end committed a suicide) and one of them was Indonesian. That Indonesian casualty was actually an alumni of my university. So, yesterday at Civilization ("Kewarganegaraan") class, my lecturer talked about it for about 30 minutes eventhough it was not really related to the topic we should discuss. My big condolence towards all victims of that horrible massacre.

Well, I'm not about to write about that massacre analytically since it's out of my zone (it's just very complex to discuss and analyze that tragedy, and my blog capacity is just not that big enough, he3... :D). But I think, what the killer did was actually quite similar to many tragedies (Bali Bombings, JW Marriott Bombing, Kuningan Bombing, etc) that happened in Indonesia, wasn't it?? It was all started by hating other people (in this case the rich in The US according to the video he sent to NBC) then did something he (or they) believed right to lessen the wrong things he (or they) saw even if that could possibly endanger his (or their) life/lives.

Is what he/they did categorized as heroic or fool?? Hmmm, I myself think the tendency was more to the latter. They did something they believed right, but then they killed many innocent people. Hmmm... . That's not heroic anymore. Well, probably 'fool' is also a strong word, since last year, that guy who did that massacre was sent to a psychiatric, some people who were believed caused the tragedies in Indonesia were brain-washed. The bottom line is that people who caused that tragedies first hand were insane, out of their mind, and badly-desperate. So, what really happened?? As I wrote before, that's out of my zone, so I won't write any answer here right now.

Doing any thing we believe right is good, but it still depends on WHAT thing and HOW. If what we does hurts anybody else, that's not good anymore or even worse, it possibly breaks the law and jail (or at least court) is waiting. The problem is that to be able to think that way, people can't be insane, out of their mind, or badly-desperate since people who are like that, can do anything sane people wouldn't even think about. The even worse thing is that some other people can easily make use this kind of people to get what they want, including committing a suicide and many other insane things... :(

Well, since the killer was a Korean, I (and also 'WE' I believe) hope a racial prejudgment won't pop up in The United States nor world.

Once again: My big condolence towards all victims of that horrendous massacre. I hope similar things won't happen again. That's awful and also scary!!

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