Saturday, October 29, 2005

Finally it's Saturday

>> Sorry for not updating this blog for a few days...


Finally it's Saturday!! The last day of my schooldays, because starting tomorrow, i will have holiday for 10 days and that's very very exciting... :D.

These last 3 days were very exhausting for me because i had 3 exams in row and all of them were not easy. On Thursday I had chemistry exam about redox (which i didn't even understand because the teacher couldn't explain to us well (my friends also feel this, so I think the teacher is really not able to teach us)). However, I studied for this matery by myself and I think I could do about 85%. Then on Friday I had a history exam (we had to memorize 50 pages!!! That's crazy), then on Saturday I had PPKn exam (we had to memorize about 45 pages!!! That's another crazy exam). However, I think I could do all of them :D

However, I always love Friday. Yesterday, i could get relax for 3 hours. I went with my friends in the afternoon (we played bowling), but it was not my day, i didn't play well yesterday. Then we had dinner at Paparonz Pizza at 17.00 PM. We chose the "All You can Eat" program, so we just needed to pay Rp. 12.000,oo per person for the pizza (but we still had to spend more money for the drinks). We spent Rp. 34.000,oo for the drinks. Then my friend dared me to debate with him (actually it started with usual conversation, then i don't know why, he asked me to 'debate' --> well, I think that's his 'bad' habit) . Before I accepted, I challenged him first: if I won the debate, he would pay the drinks and vice versa (so I didn't have to spend more money for the drinks if I won) and he agreed. So we debated for a while and fortunately I won (so I could save about Rp. 11.000,oo).


Akhirnya ini Sabtu!! Hari terakhir dari hari-hari sekolah, soale mulai besok, aku bakalan libur selama 10 hari dan itu sangat2 menyenangkan ... :D

Tiga hari terakhir ini tuh bener2 hari yang bikin capek, soalnya aku ada 3 ulangan berturutan dan ketiganya nggak gampang. Di hari Kamis aku ada ulangan kimia tentang redoks (yang aku nggak ngerti soale guruku nggak bisa nerangke dengan baik (temen2ku juga ngerasa hal yang sama, jadi aku rasa memang gurunya yang nggak bisa ngajar)). Tapi, aku belajar sendiri bahan ini trus kayake sih aku bisa ngerjain sekitar 85%. Trus di hari Jumat aku ada ulangan sejarah (mesti ngapalin 50 halaman!!! Gila banget), trus Sabtunya ada ulangan PPKn (ngapalin 45 halaman!! Ulangan gila yang lain). Tapi, kayaknya aku bisa ngerjain koq... :D

Hmm...., aku selalu seneng Jumat. Kemarin, aku bisa santai selama sekitar 3 jam. Aku pergi ma temen2ku siangnya (main bowling), tapi kemarin bukan hariku, aku nggak main bagus kemarin. Trus kami makan di Paparonz Pizza sekitar jam 17.00 sore. Kami milih "All You can Eat" program, jadi kami cuma mesti mbayar Rp. 12.000,oo untuk pizzanya (tapi kami tetep mesti mbayar ndiri minumnya). Kami habis Rp. 34.000,oo untuk minumannya. Trus nggak tau napa tau2 temenku 'nantang' untuk debat (sebenernya sih mulai dengan pembicaraan biasa, tapi ndak tau napa tau2 dia nantang untuk debat --> kayaknya sih kebiasaan buruk dia). Sebelum aku menyetujui, aku nantang dia dulu: kalo aku menang, minumannya yang bayar dia dan sebaliknya (jadi kalo aku menang aku nggak perlu keluar uang lagi) dan dia setuju. Ya udah, kami debat bentar trus aku menang (lumayan, bisa ngirit sekitar Rp. 11.000,oo)

Saturday, October 15, 2005



Today at school I had a math exam. It was not very hard, I think I can do it very well. Then, afterschool, my friends and I did our assignment about sacrify. We had to sacrifice about anything (we chose what we wanted to do) and our group decided to clean the table from the ink, etc. So, we did it afterschool until 12.15 PM (it was really exhausting). Then I went back home and took a nap until 17.00. At 17.30 I went to my friend's house because he invited me (and some of my friends) to have dinner at Hartz Chicken to celebrate his birthday. Then at 19.00 we went to Hartz Chicken and had supper until 20.30 (to be honest, I don't like HC very much, it's not that delicious for me and the foods are not healthy (junk food)...). After that we went to the bowling centre and played bowling until 23.30 (I played 4 games).


Hari ini di sekolah aku ada ulangan matematika. Nggak susah-susah banget, kayaknya aku bisa ngerjain dgn baik. Trus habis sekolah, aku sama temen2ku ngerjain tugas kelompok tentang pengorbanan. Jadi kami harus berkorban tentang apapun (kami boleh milih mo berkorban apa) dan kelompokku mutusin untuk membersihkan meja dari tinta, dll. Jadi kita ngerjainnya habis sekolah sampe jam 12.15 siang (tadi capek banget). Trus aku pulang dan istirahat sampe jam 17.00. Habis itu jam 17.30 aku pergi ke tempate temenku soale dia ngundang aku (dan beberapa temenku) buat makan malem di Hartz Chicken buat ngerayain ulang tahune. Trus jam 19.00 kami pergi ke Hartz Chicken dan makan sampe jam 20.30 (sejujurnya, aku nggak begitu suka makan di HC, soale makanane nggak enak2 banget sama nggak sehat (junk food)...). Habis itu kami pergi ke tempat bowling dan main bowling sampe jam 23.30 (aku main 4 games).

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My Short Holiday...

Note: I Don't write the Indonesian Version of this message because it's too long...

Last Saturday, we got our report book. And my score was unbelievable (I mean i had not thought that I would get such a high score... .) There are 10 subjects and my score is 87, so the average is 8,7 (I thought I would only get around 83 - 84). That day also means that it was the start of our short holiday (because the Moslems were starting to do fasting last Monday, so we had holiday. My school is a catholic school but some students are Moslems, so we also had a short holiday until Tuesday). That's great.... . At night there was a surprising news. About 5 bombs exploded (again) in Bali (in Kuta and Jimbaran). It was very very scarying because my lil' bro was going to Bali with his school. So, i sent him an sms, and then his school decided to cancel their trip to Bali. The students were disappointed but their parents were relieved.

Then, on Sunday I got up at 6.15 AM then I went to the Church. Because it was a holiday, so I also enjoyed that day as a holiday. I just slept and played a computer game all day long. (I want to enjoy my holiday because in my opinion, we should enjoy our holiday because holiday is time to relax and forget our works for a while...).

Nothing was different on Monday. I just enjoyed mu holiday by sleeping and playing computer game all day long.... :D My lil' bro arrived on Monday at 5.00 AM.... (that was a long journey I thought...)

On Tuesday, I got up at 9.15 AM. At 11.00 I went to Gloria to take a test until 14.00. Then after that I made my final assignment for my English Course. I had to make a paper and then presented it in front of the class. My paper's title was,"Removing All Old Mass Transport Vehicles from Road". Then after making it in about 30 minutes, I took a rest then at 16.30 I went to my English Course. Unfortunately, I was the first person to present my paper (that's not really bad because actually i volunteered myself and I got an extra point :D). At 18.00 the course finished then I went back home. At home I played computer game and prepared for school on Wednesday...