Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Exhausting Tuesday


Today at school I had a religion exam. It was hard and tough... . The matery was about sufism, and because it comes from another religion, I had to study hard and understand some words that were 'strange' for me.... . I didn't concentrate on some subjects before the 7th hour (Tuesday's 7th hour is forreligion) to study that matery... . This afternoon there was also a presentation from APU, one new university that is located in South Japan (near Fukuoka I think). It was interesting but I am not really interested in it :(. Actually it was said that the presentation would be held tomorrow (on Wednesday), but I don't know why this afternoon, they changed it.... . Then, after having the presentation (it finished at 2.30 PM), I went back home and took a nap until 4.00 PM. At 4.30 PM I went to my English Course until 6 PM. Then at night I surfed the internet, watched tv, and of course study for the Indonesian and chemistry examinations tomorrow... .


Hari ini di sekolah ada ulangan pendidikan religiositas. Tadi lumayan susah juga.... . Materinya adalah tentang sufism (tasawuf), dan karena itu berasal dari agama lain, aku mesti belajar keras dan berusaha memahami beberapa kata yang 'asing' bagi aku..... . Aku nggak konsen pada beberapa jam pelajaran sebelum jam ke-7 (hari Selasa jam ke-7 adalah pendidikan religiositas) untuk belajar materi itu.... . Siang tadi juga ada presentasi dari APU, sebuah universitas baru yang terletak di Jepang Selatan (deketnya Fukuoka deh kayaknya....). Presentasinya menarik, tapi aku nggak tertarik :(. Sebenernya kemarin dibilangi kalo presentasi dari Jepang tuh mau diadakan besok Rabu, tapi nggak tau kenapa siang tadi diganti.... . Kemudian habis mengikuti presentasi (yang selesai jam 2.30 siang), aku pulang trus istirahat siang sampe jam 4 sore. Habis itu jam 4.30 sore aku pergi ke tempat les Inggris sampe jam 6 sore. Habis itu malamnya, aku main internet, nonton tv, dan tentu saja belajar buat ulangan bahasa indonesia sama kimia besok.....

Saturday, November 26, 2005



Today I got up at 5.45 AM in the morning. I had to go to school today when some other schools have holiday. Arrggghhhh................. (but yesterday they had a ceremony at their school and we didn't). We had a math exam today about derivative and anti-derivative. I think I could do them quite well (even I couldn't recheck all of my answers because I was running out of time....). Today there was a presentation from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) at my school. It was interesting and I have already applied for it. We will have the entrance test next February (I hope I can pass it, Amen ). After that I went back home. Then, I had my hair cut. At 3 PM I already arrived at home, then I took a nap until 6 PM (I was sooooo sleeepppyy....). Then for dinner I ordered Mc.D's friend chicken and beef-burger.... . At night I watched tv and surfed the Netz.... . That's all for today...

Oh yes, almost forgotten. I have already finished reading the 631 pages novel,"The Da Vinci Code". It's such a great story... . I like it.... . It's about mystery and all the story only happened in 1 night. So it was a looong night... . Well, if u r interested in reading it, I recommend u to do so.... .


Hari ini aku bangun jam 5.45 pagi. Habis itu aku pergi ke sekolah hari ini dimana beberapa sekolah lain lagi libur. Arrrgghhhhh................. (tapi kemarin mereka ada upacara di sekolah masing2 dan sekolahku engga). Tadi kita ada ulangan matematika tentang integral diferensial. Kayaknya sih aku bisa ngerjainnya lumayan lah.... (biarpun aku nggak sempet ngecek ulang soalnya kekurangan waktu....). Hari ini ada presentasi dari Nanyang Technological University (NTU) dari Singapore. Menarik juga dan aku dah apply kesana. Ntar bakalan ada tes masuk bulan Februari (dan aku harap aku bisa lolos, Amin ). Habis itu aku pulang ke rumah. Trus aku potong rambut. Habis itu jam 3 aku dah sampe rumah, trus tidur sampe jam 6 sore (aku ngantuuuukkk banget....). Untuk makan malem aku pesen ayam goreng sama beef-burgernya Mc.D. Malemnya aku nonton tv sama main internet... . Itu aja untuk hari ini...

Oh iya. Nyaris kelupaan. Aku dah selesai mbaca novel 631 halaman yang berjudul,"The Da Vinci Code". Ternyata ceritanya bagus bangeeettt... . AKu seneng... . Tentang misteri gitu trus ceritanya cuma terjadi dalam 1 malam. Jadi itu bener2 malam yang panjang.... . Kalo kamu tertarik baca, aku menganjurkan kamu untuk melakukannya....

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Extra-Exhausting Sunday and my answer

I don't write the Indonesian version (sorry, but this message is too long and i only have short time..)

My class planned to go to Kalikuning (near Kaliurang) this morning for having a class familiarity (because we need it >> we have been studying together as a class just since last July and of course we are not very familiar with every single person in the class) which is always held every year. At first I enjoyed this idea. The only thing that I didn't like was the departing time. We departed from school at 6 AM!!!! What!?!?! So, we had to get up at about 5 AM!!!! It's very very early in the morning for a Sunday.... .

Then the first problem came. At first 2 of my friends planned to come to my house and we planned to go there (to school) together. But at 5.30 AM my friend sent me an sms and said that he cancelled it (because noone would drive him to my house) and he wanted to go by catching a bus. OK, so at 5.50 I went to my school with nobody. U know what happened next? When I arrived at my school (I hadn't got out from my car yet) my friends called me and said that they had already arrived at my house... . What!?!?!?!?! Arrrgggghhhh.... . Then I went back home and picked them up.

My class departed at 6.30 AM and we arrived at 7.15 AM. We still had to wait for some of my friends because they rode motorbikes, which means that they needed more time to reach that place. At 7.45 AM my friends arrived and we had breakfast (I knew that it's gonnabe late, so before going to school, I had already had breakfast, so I was not starving at that time ;) ).

The activity started at 9 AM. First we had a warming up time, then at 9.30 AM the activity was totally begun. My teacher devided us into 4 groups and I was in the 2nd group. There was 4 sessions (in 4 posts) and we had to walk to reach each post (we climbed the hill and it was exhausting, just like a hash program). The first session was playing a bamboo. It looked easy but it's not. We had to ascend and descend this crazy bamboo. We needed 20 minutes just to play this game.

Then we walked to the 2nd post. Session 2 was a tough game. We were inside an area and they tied rope at the side of the area with the height of about 1,5 meters. What we had to do was: getting out from the area. It's not that easy, we had to get out but we couldn't pass the area under the rope (so, the only way just by 'flying over' that rope). When doing this, we had not to touch the rope. If we did, we had to repeat it. Unfortunately, my team had to do it 4 times!!!!

The journey from the 2nd post to the 3rd post was the most exhausting journey. It was a long long way to go. Plus unfortunately, we were lost!!!! We took the wrong way, and we walked too far (we had already reached Kaliurang). Arrrrgggh..... . Then we had to go back and went to the correct way. The session 3 took place in a small bridge. We had to climb down from the bridge to the river below (the height was 25 meters.... >> probably it's same with 6 stories building??). This session took the longest time. We needed 3,5 hours to finish it. Unfortunately, my friend fell down!!! He fell down not from the bridge, but he fell down after the reached the river. when he wanted to get back to the bridge. When he was climbing the hill, on the height of about 5 meters, the land couldn't support his body, and the land slided then he fell!!! I didn't see it but I just heard a strange noise. The noise was like something big fell down but I didn't know what just by hearing it. At first I thought somebody fell to the river but it was not. When I looked down, my friend was lying on the land. Fortunately he was okay (he said).

Then it rained. We did the fourth session and we went back home. It was raining cats and dogs, so I was totally wet. After drying myself, we went back home (the program ended at 4 PM). My friends and I then went to my house and took a bath. After that we played bowling and had dinner. At home I watched tv and surfed internet.

Then, about my English Class problem, finally it's solved. My class is starting next Wednesday. My friend that I hoped would join us was suck. At 11.30 PM he sent me an sms and said that he cancelled it. What!?!?!?! Whereas, that evening I had already served for the class, and he cancelled it easily innocently. It always happens when he made a promise. He breaks his promise easily just a second before the day (my friend also feels this). From 10 promises that he makes, he will cancel about 7 of them that way.

Then, about the dilemma problem. Finally I decided to join the presentation. The presentation is a lot more useful for me than 'just' the competition. Probably my future will be determined that day by the presentation because I have already applied to enter that university... :D And I wanted to say thank you for everyone who help me solving this problem...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dilemma and problems

I don't write the Indonesian version

Today was a tough day for me. There was no exam at school, but I had to make some important decisions (dilemma). Well, I had to choose between 2 choices. Both are valuable for me and to be honest, I really want to take both of them. The choices are:
(1) There will be a presentation from an overseas university next Saturday at 26th November 2005 at 12.00 . I really really want to join that presentation, also I have already sent an application form to enter it.
(2) Next week there will be a math and physic competition. The competition will be held in 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday. On Thursday we will have the elimination round, on Friday the semi-final round, and on Saturday the final round. I also want to join this competition, because maybe that's gonna be my last time to join a competition during my high-school time.

However, the probem is: Which one should I choose? I want to join both of them. Yea, maybe I will not go to the final round on the competition, but who knows? I don't want to be worried about it (the presentation) if I join the competition (if I go to the final round) plus I also don't want to blow this rare opportunity away stupidly. I have asked my teacher about the time. If the competition will have already finished at 12.00, probably that's still ok. I still can join both of them. But, this morning when my teacher rang Sanata Dharma asking about it, they don't give us a satisfying answer. He (the person who my teacher talked to) didn't know exactly what time the competition will be over. He said that probably it's gonna finish at 3 PM, but he was not sure about it. What!?!?! The presentation are not gonna wait for me for 3 hours.... . Then, that person promised to call the comitee who were in charge about it. Guess what? Until 13.30 PM, I still hadn't got the answer.

Honestly, I still have a chance to think about it. The registration's deadline is today and my teacher has registered my name. But next Saturday there will be a technical meeting and if I resigned, somebody still can replace me (I think it also means that if tomorrow I get a satisfying info, I still can join both the competition and presentation).

If I look at the schedule. Probably the competition will be over in 2,5 - 3 hours. So, if it starts at 9 AM, we still can join it. But, it's only an assumption. We should get the real info from the comitee....

Well, the other problem is my English Class. I want to start my TOEFL Class next Monday (I realize that TOEFL is important, so if I don't start the preparation now, I think I will meet some problems... >> to be honest I joined the same preparation class 1,5 years ago, but I think it will be better if now I join the class again).

If I want to start the class, at least there must be 4 people. Fortunately, some days ago, 6 of my friends agreed to join the class. So, 2 days ago, I served for the class. Do you know what happened next? Three of my friends cancelled it today (this morning), and one more still can't decide, will he join us or not (he also has a course at that days >> the course is about school subjects). So, I only have 3 people who want to join that class, and the minimum number is 4, plus I have already served that class. And now, we are running out of people. Arrrggghhhh... . That's frustating. I really really hope that one of my friend that can't determine yet right now will finally decide to join the class so the class can start next Monday.... .

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday and Monday


If you live in Indonesia probably you know that there was a rumor that the Mei 1998 tragedy would be happened again yesterday (13th November 2005). Personally, I don't believe with that kind of rumor. Why? First, it's only a rumor. Second, the rumor is unlogical. I don't want to talk more about it because it's very very racist.

Well, yesterday I got a new book to read. The title is "The Da Vinci Code". Probably some of you have already read this book (this book is not new, it was first published several months ago). My friends have already told me several times that I should read this book. They always persuade me to buy and read this book. Finally, they convince me now. I bought it, and now I have only read until Chapter 5 (I'm a slow reader and I enjoy it because I want to enter the book's world :D). My first comment: I think it's gonna be fun :D

Monday is the hardest day for my class. I don't know why I just felt that I enjoyed my schoolday this morning. My physic teacher showed me (yes, only me) some books to read to help me success in the overseas univerity entrance test and some competitions. Probably next week I will borrow those books and start to read and study hard..... . Then, she also asked me to join a math and physic competition next week at Sanata Dharma University. I'm mentally burdened because last year my school was the winner and now I have to keep it. Wow......


Kalo kamu tinggal di Indonesia, mungkin kamu dah tau kalo disini ada rumor bahwa peristiwa tragedi Mei 1998 akan terjadi lagi kemarin (13 November 2005). Secara pribadi, aku nggak percaya sama rumor semacam itu. Kenapa? Pertama, ini cuma rumor (isu). Kedua, isunya nggak logis banget. Aku nggak mau ah ngomongin tentang ini lagi soale rumornya tuh sangat sangat rasis.

Kemarin aku dapet sebuah buku baru untuk dibaca. Judulnya adalah "The Da Vinci Code". Mungkin beberapa diantara kalian dah pernah mbaca buku ini (ini bukan buku baru/gress, buku ini pertama kali terbit beberapa bulan yg lalu d kayanya). Beberapa temenku dah ngomong sama aku beberapa kali kalo aku perlu mbaca buku ini. Mereka mendorong aku untuk beli dan baca buku ini. Akhirnya, mereka berhasil meyakinkan aku sekarang. Aku beli, trus sekarang aku baru baca sampe bab 5 (aku mbacanya pelan dan menikmati, soale aku pingin mencoba masuk ke dunia buku itu :D). Komentar pertamaku: wah, kayaknya bakalan asik nih... :D

Senin adalah hari yang terberat untuk kelasku. Tapi aku nggak tau napa aku rasanya bisa menikmati hari sekolah tadi pagi. Guru fisikaku menunjukkan ke aku (ya, cuma ke aku) beberapa buku untuk dibaca untuk membantu aku sukses di ujian masuk universitas luar negeri dan beberapa lomba. Mungkin minggu depan aku bakalan pinjem buku2 tsb untuk dibaca dan memulai belajar keras.... . . Trus dia juga nyuruh aku ikutan lomba matematika-fisika di Sanata Dharma. Aku terbebani secara mental soale taun lalu sekolahku juaranya dan aku sekarang harus mempertahankannya.... . Wow....

Friday, November 11, 2005

Complicated Friday


Today was both a hard and a fun day for me. Well, at school today I had a physic exam. It was not so fair. We had to do 10 multiple choice questions (and for number 1 and 10 there was no correct answer in the options, of course it confused me). Then, my teacher said that he had lost our exam papers so he planned to have an examination again next week. What!?!?!?! That's very very unfair. We have to take something bad because of his fault. (That's definitely unfair). Fortunately, he found our exam papers on his desk. We felt relieved then (but don't u think that it's such a 'fool' thing that should not happen??)

Well, let's just move to the fun stuff. I have said that I always love Friday. And so do I today (despite those bad things that already happened at school). My friends and I played bowling today, and fortunately this is my day. I played pretty well today :D. Then after that we had dinner at Paparon's Pizza (OMG, we ate there again, to be honest, I am so bored and I wanted to eat somewhere else, but because my friend forced me, so I gave in). Then at 7.30 PM we went home.

Well, after arriving at home, I had to work hard again. I had to finish my biology assignment plus I had to study chemistry for the examination tomorrow....


Hari ini adalah hari yang susah sekaligus menyenangkan buat aku. Hari ini di sekolah ada ulangan fisika. Nggak adil banget. Ada 10 soal pilihan ganda (dan untuk nomer 1 sama 10 ngga ada jawabannya, jelas aja itu bikin aku bingung). Trus guruku jg bilang kalo dia kehilangan kertas ulangan kita jadi dia merencanakan untuk ulangan lagi minggu depan. Apa!?!?!?!. Nggak adil banget. Kami harus mengambil suatu hal yg buruk karena kesalahannya. Jelas2 mutlak nggak adil. Untungnya, akhirnya dia nemuin kertas ulangannya di mejanya. Kami merasa lega akhirnya (tapi menurutku itu adalah suatu hal 'bodoh' yg nggak perlu terjadi kan??)

OK, sekarang kita pindah ke hal yg menyenangkan. Aku sudah pernah bilang kalo aku suka hari Jumat. Begitu juga hari ini (dengan menyingkirkan hal2 buruk yg terjadi di sekolah). Temenku dan aku main bowling hari ini, dan untungnya ini adalah hariku. Aku main lumayan hari ini :D Habis itu kami makan di Paparon'z Pizza (OMG, makan disitu lagi, jujur aja, aku bosen sebenernya dan aku pengen makan di tempat lain, tapi gara2 temenku maksa, jadi aku nyerah d...). Habis itu jam 7.30 kami pulang ke rumah.

Setelah sampe di rumah, aku mesti kerja keras lagi. Aku mesti nyelesein tugas biologiku plus belajar kimia buat ulangan besok.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Last Day of my Holiday


Unhappy to say this, but today is the last day of my holiday. It means that tomorrow I am starting the hard schooldays. I will have a physic exam next Friday and chemistry exam next Saturday (we have 2 chemistry teachers, one who's gonna give us exam this Saturday is not the same with one who gave us Redox exam 2 weeks ago. I very very like our teacher who's gonna give us exam this week because she is able to explain to us very very well and understandable. Sometimes my friends and I think why don't she teaches us 100% (I mean she doesn't have to 'share' the materials with the other chemistry teacher), in the other words, we are only taught by one chemistry teacher for the chemistry subject).

I will not have a long holiday like this (10 days holiday) again before the final exams at the end of the semester next December. So, I have to struggle and study hard first before having a nice, long, and relaxing holiday again. And now I'm ready for it :D


Nggak seneng juga ngomong ini, tapi hari ini adalah hari terakhir dari hari-hari sekolahku. Artinya, mulai besok aku akan memulai hari-hari sekolah yang berat. Aku akan menghadapi ulangan fisika besok Jumat sama ulangan kimia besok Sabtu (kami sekarang diajar oleh 2 guru kimia, yang bakal ngasih kita ulangan Sabtu ini nggak sama dengan yang ngasi kita ulangan Redoks dua minggu yang lalu. Aku sangat sangat seneng sama guru yang bakalan ngasi kita ulangan minggu ini soale dia tuh bisa njelasin ke kita sangat-sangat enak dan gampang dimengerti. Kadang2 aku sama temen2ku mikir, koq dia nggak ngajar kita 100% (maksudnya dia nggak harus berbagi materi sama guru kimia yang satunya), dengan kata lain untuk kimia kita cuman diajar oleh 1 guru kimia doank).

Aku nggak akan menikmati liburan panjang kayak gini (libur 10 hari) lagi sebelum ulangan umum akhir semester besok Desember. Jadi, aku mesti bekerja keras dan belajar keras sebelum menikmati liburan yang asik, panjang, dan santai. Dan sekarang aku siap untuk itu :D

Thursday, November 03, 2005



I started this day at 9.30 AM. After getting up I had breakfast and I played computer game. At 1 PM I was so sleepy so I just took a nap until 3.30 PM. Then I took a bath and at 4.10 PM I went to my friend's birthday party at Morolejar. First, I picked up my friends at their house. So, at 4.45 we went to Morolejar (Morolejar is quite far from Jogja, it's about 15 - 17 km from the city). At 5.05 we arrived at Morolejar and fortunately my friend had already served a place first. It was not only us who came to that party, my friend also invited his family (of course....). We played 2 rounds of card game while we were waiting for the food (and I won 1 round...). After finishing the second round the food came so we stopped playing and started having dinner. At first we planned to play bowling after having dinner. So, we went to the bowling centre after that. Unfortunately, today is a holiday, and the bowling centre is close.... . Arrrggghhhh.... , that's so disappointing... . Then we decided to go to some places in the city, but they are also close... . Feel disappointed, we decided to get back home. Then we went back home and I arrived at 8.45 PM. After that I watched TV then I surfed the internet....


Hari ini aku mulai jam 9.30 pagi. Trus habis bangun aku makan pagi trus main game komputer. Jam 1 siang aku ngantuk banget, jadi aku tidur sampe jam 3.30 sore. Trus aku mandi sore dan jam 4.10 sore aku pergi ke tempat ulang tahun temenku di Morolejar. Pertama, aku jemput beberapa temenku dulu di rumah mereka. Jadi kita baru berangkat ke Morolejar jam 4.45 sore (Morolejar lumayan jauh dari Jogja, sekitar 15 sampe 17 km dari kota). Jam 5.05 kami sampe di Morolejar dan untungnya temenku dah pesen tempat duluan. Ternyata nggak cuma kami yang dateng ke acara itu, temenku juga ngundang keluarganya (ya jelas lah....). Kami main 2 babak permainan kartu waktu lagi nunggu makanan dateng (aku menang 1 babak). Habis selesai mainin game kedua, makanannya dateng, jadi ya kami berhenti main trus makan malem. Pertamanya, kami ngerencanain mo maen bowling habis makan. Jadi, kami pergi ke tempat bowling habis selesai makan malem. Sayangnya, hari ini tuh tanggal merah dan tempat bowlingnya tutup.... . Arrrrggghhhhh....., mengecewakan bangeett.... . Trus kami mutusin buat pergi ke beberapa tempat di kota, tapi ternyata juga tutup. Merasa kecewa banget, kami mutusin untuk pulang ke rumah. Ya udah, trus kami pulang ke rumah dan aku sampe di rumah jam 8.45 malem. Habis itu aku nonton TV trus main internet...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The First Three Days of my Holiday


My holiday started last Sunday. As usual, I got up early then I went to the church at 7 AM. After that we had breakfast at Kridosono. I was sooo tired that day, so after getting home I played computer game then I slept (in the evening I realized that I had slept for about 6 hours that afternoon !!!), but that's ok. I want to enjoy this holiday.... :D. At night I watched TV till night then I played a computer game (again)...

Nothing was different on Monday. I started that day at 9.30 AM then I had breakfast, played a computer games, and browsed internet. I slept in the afternoon, then at night I watched TV, played a computer game (again), and browsed internet (again). Actually my friend had planned to go to my home (we wanted to search some infos about universities), but he cancelled it and he will come here on Wednesday.

I started the third day of my holiday at 9 AM. After getting up, I had breakfast then I played computer game (again) until noon. At 1 PM I went with my friends. At first we planned to go to the cinema (my friend requested to watch 'Mirror', he said it's good) but we cancelled it because we don't have enough time. Then at 4 PM actually we wanted to eat at WS but they (yup, there are some WS' here) were close today (probably because it's near to Lebaran). So, we decided to eat at Paparon's Pizza again.... . We chose The "All You can Eat" program again (but now i paid the drink by myself). Then at 5 PM I went back home and I was sooo sleepy, so I slept for 1.5 hours until 7.15 PM. After that I watched TV and played computer game . Then at 10 PM I browsed the internet and did chatting at YM! (but unfortunately some of my friends were late >-< )


Liburanku dimulai kemarin Minggu. Kayak biasane, aku bangun pagi trus pergi ke gereja jam 7 pagi. Trus habis selesai kami makan pagi di Kridosono. Aku capeeek banget hari itu, jadi habis itu aku main game komputer trus aku tidur (habis itu aku sadar bahwa aku bobok selama sekitar 6 jam siang itu!!!). tapi nggak papa. Aku emang pingin menikmati liburanku kali ini :D. Trus malemnya aku nonton TV habis gitu main game komputer (lagi)...

Nggak ada yang berbeda di hari Senen. Aku bangun jam 9.30 pagi, trus aku makan pagi, trus main game komputer sama main internet. Aku tidur (lagi) siangnya, trus malamnya aku nonton TV, trus main game komputer (lagi), trus main internet (lagi). Sebenernya temenku rencana mo dateng ke rumahku (pengen nyari informasi ttg universitas) tapi nggak jadi trus diundur besok Rabu.

Aku memulai hari ketiga liburanku jam 9 pagi. Habis bangun pagi, aku makan pagi trus main game komputer (lagi) sampe siang. Trus jam 1 aku pergi main sama temen2ku. Pertamane kita rencana mo ke bioskop (temenku ngusulin nonton 'Mirror', katane bagus) tapi nggak jadi soale keterbatasan waktu. Trus jam 4 sore rencanane mo makan di WS, tapi mereka (ya, ada beberapa WS disini) tutup hari ini (kayake sih soale dah deket-deket sama Lebaran kali...). Jadi kami mutusin buat balik makan di Paparon's Pizza lagi... . Kami milis program "All You Can Eat" lagi (tapi kali ini aku mbayar ndiri). Trus jam 5 aku pulang dan aku ngantuuk banget, jadi aku bobo selama 1,5 jam sampe jam 7.15 malem.Habis itu aku nonton TV trus main komputer game. Trus jam 10 malem aku main internet sama chatting di YM! (masalahnya beberapa temenku ngaret >-< )