Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dilemma and problems

I don't write the Indonesian version

Today was a tough day for me. There was no exam at school, but I had to make some important decisions (dilemma). Well, I had to choose between 2 choices. Both are valuable for me and to be honest, I really want to take both of them. The choices are:
(1) There will be a presentation from an overseas university next Saturday at 26th November 2005 at 12.00 . I really really want to join that presentation, also I have already sent an application form to enter it.
(2) Next week there will be a math and physic competition. The competition will be held in 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday. On Thursday we will have the elimination round, on Friday the semi-final round, and on Saturday the final round. I also want to join this competition, because maybe that's gonna be my last time to join a competition during my high-school time.

However, the probem is: Which one should I choose? I want to join both of them. Yea, maybe I will not go to the final round on the competition, but who knows? I don't want to be worried about it (the presentation) if I join the competition (if I go to the final round) plus I also don't want to blow this rare opportunity away stupidly. I have asked my teacher about the time. If the competition will have already finished at 12.00, probably that's still ok. I still can join both of them. But, this morning when my teacher rang Sanata Dharma asking about it, they don't give us a satisfying answer. He (the person who my teacher talked to) didn't know exactly what time the competition will be over. He said that probably it's gonna finish at 3 PM, but he was not sure about it. What!?!?! The presentation are not gonna wait for me for 3 hours.... . Then, that person promised to call the comitee who were in charge about it. Guess what? Until 13.30 PM, I still hadn't got the answer.

Honestly, I still have a chance to think about it. The registration's deadline is today and my teacher has registered my name. But next Saturday there will be a technical meeting and if I resigned, somebody still can replace me (I think it also means that if tomorrow I get a satisfying info, I still can join both the competition and presentation).

If I look at the schedule. Probably the competition will be over in 2,5 - 3 hours. So, if it starts at 9 AM, we still can join it. But, it's only an assumption. We should get the real info from the comitee....

Well, the other problem is my English Class. I want to start my TOEFL Class next Monday (I realize that TOEFL is important, so if I don't start the preparation now, I think I will meet some problems... >> to be honest I joined the same preparation class 1,5 years ago, but I think it will be better if now I join the class again).

If I want to start the class, at least there must be 4 people. Fortunately, some days ago, 6 of my friends agreed to join the class. So, 2 days ago, I served for the class. Do you know what happened next? Three of my friends cancelled it today (this morning), and one more still can't decide, will he join us or not (he also has a course at that days >> the course is about school subjects). So, I only have 3 people who want to join that class, and the minimum number is 4, plus I have already served that class. And now, we are running out of people. Arrrggghhhh... . That's frustating. I really really hope that one of my friend that can't determine yet right now will finally decide to join the class so the class can start next Monday.... .


  1. Hi Zilko..aduh kamu pasti udah tau sendiri jawabannya..what's the importants thing to do for your future.
    Deep in your heart u know it.


  2. Watta difficult and frustating one. But I know you're gonna find the right decision ;) ayo semangat Ko. Emang susah juga jadi orang pinter yak :D. Tapi yakinlah Tuhan akan berikan petunjuk yang terbaik... sukses!!

  3. wew... i hope you choose the right decision ya! :)
    Mo ambil TOEFL? Emangnya mo kuliah di mana zil? Amrik? Huehuehue... ever thought of taking IELTS? :)

  4. I have already decided. He3...

    Aku ambil TOEFL buat apply univ di Singapore sama Belanda. Sebenernya suru milih, mo TEOFL apa IELTS. Aku pikir2 mendingan ambil TOEFL, soalnya dulu aku jg dah pernah tes juga, jd dah kenal gitu. Kalo IELTS kan bener2 baru... :D

  5. kok enggaq oz aja, ko ? singapore ntar englishmu jadi rusak hahaha...belanda asyik juga sih, ntar jadi bisa bhs belanda. kalo america mahal ya kayaknya. tapi itu spelling frustrating, say bukan frustating hehehe kurang R

  6. Dian >> Tengkyu.... :D

    Ha3... . Iya tuh, saking nggak telitinya pas ngetik jd kelewatan deh... :D