Sunday, November 20, 2005

Extra-Exhausting Sunday and my answer

I don't write the Indonesian version (sorry, but this message is too long and i only have short time..)

My class planned to go to Kalikuning (near Kaliurang) this morning for having a class familiarity (because we need it >> we have been studying together as a class just since last July and of course we are not very familiar with every single person in the class) which is always held every year. At first I enjoyed this idea. The only thing that I didn't like was the departing time. We departed from school at 6 AM!!!! What!?!?! So, we had to get up at about 5 AM!!!! It's very very early in the morning for a Sunday.... .

Then the first problem came. At first 2 of my friends planned to come to my house and we planned to go there (to school) together. But at 5.30 AM my friend sent me an sms and said that he cancelled it (because noone would drive him to my house) and he wanted to go by catching a bus. OK, so at 5.50 I went to my school with nobody. U know what happened next? When I arrived at my school (I hadn't got out from my car yet) my friends called me and said that they had already arrived at my house... . What!?!?!?!?! Arrrgggghhhh.... . Then I went back home and picked them up.

My class departed at 6.30 AM and we arrived at 7.15 AM. We still had to wait for some of my friends because they rode motorbikes, which means that they needed more time to reach that place. At 7.45 AM my friends arrived and we had breakfast (I knew that it's gonnabe late, so before going to school, I had already had breakfast, so I was not starving at that time ;) ).

The activity started at 9 AM. First we had a warming up time, then at 9.30 AM the activity was totally begun. My teacher devided us into 4 groups and I was in the 2nd group. There was 4 sessions (in 4 posts) and we had to walk to reach each post (we climbed the hill and it was exhausting, just like a hash program). The first session was playing a bamboo. It looked easy but it's not. We had to ascend and descend this crazy bamboo. We needed 20 minutes just to play this game.

Then we walked to the 2nd post. Session 2 was a tough game. We were inside an area and they tied rope at the side of the area with the height of about 1,5 meters. What we had to do was: getting out from the area. It's not that easy, we had to get out but we couldn't pass the area under the rope (so, the only way just by 'flying over' that rope). When doing this, we had not to touch the rope. If we did, we had to repeat it. Unfortunately, my team had to do it 4 times!!!!

The journey from the 2nd post to the 3rd post was the most exhausting journey. It was a long long way to go. Plus unfortunately, we were lost!!!! We took the wrong way, and we walked too far (we had already reached Kaliurang). Arrrrgggh..... . Then we had to go back and went to the correct way. The session 3 took place in a small bridge. We had to climb down from the bridge to the river below (the height was 25 meters.... >> probably it's same with 6 stories building??). This session took the longest time. We needed 3,5 hours to finish it. Unfortunately, my friend fell down!!! He fell down not from the bridge, but he fell down after the reached the river. when he wanted to get back to the bridge. When he was climbing the hill, on the height of about 5 meters, the land couldn't support his body, and the land slided then he fell!!! I didn't see it but I just heard a strange noise. The noise was like something big fell down but I didn't know what just by hearing it. At first I thought somebody fell to the river but it was not. When I looked down, my friend was lying on the land. Fortunately he was okay (he said).

Then it rained. We did the fourth session and we went back home. It was raining cats and dogs, so I was totally wet. After drying myself, we went back home (the program ended at 4 PM). My friends and I then went to my house and took a bath. After that we played bowling and had dinner. At home I watched tv and surfed internet.

Then, about my English Class problem, finally it's solved. My class is starting next Wednesday. My friend that I hoped would join us was suck. At 11.30 PM he sent me an sms and said that he cancelled it. What!?!?!?! Whereas, that evening I had already served for the class, and he cancelled it easily innocently. It always happens when he made a promise. He breaks his promise easily just a second before the day (my friend also feels this). From 10 promises that he makes, he will cancel about 7 of them that way.

Then, about the dilemma problem. Finally I decided to join the presentation. The presentation is a lot more useful for me than 'just' the competition. Probably my future will be determined that day by the presentation because I have already applied to enter that university... :D And I wanted to say thank you for everyone who help me solving this problem...


  1. hah temannya jatuh ? wah kuat bodynya ya hehhe..
    teman gue ada yg tinggal di kaliurang.

  2. Dian >> Iya tuh... . Aku sempet deg2an juga, jatoh dr ketinggian segitu, kan ngeri... . Tapi tau2 habis jatuh dia omong ,"Saya tidak apa-apa" sambil tangannya ngasi kode Viva (V) kayak ngga kenapa-kenapa gitu...