Thursday, November 03, 2005



I started this day at 9.30 AM. After getting up I had breakfast and I played computer game. At 1 PM I was so sleepy so I just took a nap until 3.30 PM. Then I took a bath and at 4.10 PM I went to my friend's birthday party at Morolejar. First, I picked up my friends at their house. So, at 4.45 we went to Morolejar (Morolejar is quite far from Jogja, it's about 15 - 17 km from the city). At 5.05 we arrived at Morolejar and fortunately my friend had already served a place first. It was not only us who came to that party, my friend also invited his family (of course....). We played 2 rounds of card game while we were waiting for the food (and I won 1 round...). After finishing the second round the food came so we stopped playing and started having dinner. At first we planned to play bowling after having dinner. So, we went to the bowling centre after that. Unfortunately, today is a holiday, and the bowling centre is close.... . Arrrggghhhh.... , that's so disappointing... . Then we decided to go to some places in the city, but they are also close... . Feel disappointed, we decided to get back home. Then we went back home and I arrived at 8.45 PM. After that I watched TV then I surfed the internet....


Hari ini aku mulai jam 9.30 pagi. Trus habis bangun aku makan pagi trus main game komputer. Jam 1 siang aku ngantuk banget, jadi aku tidur sampe jam 3.30 sore. Trus aku mandi sore dan jam 4.10 sore aku pergi ke tempat ulang tahun temenku di Morolejar. Pertama, aku jemput beberapa temenku dulu di rumah mereka. Jadi kita baru berangkat ke Morolejar jam 4.45 sore (Morolejar lumayan jauh dari Jogja, sekitar 15 sampe 17 km dari kota). Jam 5.05 kami sampe di Morolejar dan untungnya temenku dah pesen tempat duluan. Ternyata nggak cuma kami yang dateng ke acara itu, temenku juga ngundang keluarganya (ya jelas lah....). Kami main 2 babak permainan kartu waktu lagi nunggu makanan dateng (aku menang 1 babak). Habis selesai mainin game kedua, makanannya dateng, jadi ya kami berhenti main trus makan malem. Pertamanya, kami ngerencanain mo maen bowling habis makan. Jadi, kami pergi ke tempat bowling habis selesai makan malem. Sayangnya, hari ini tuh tanggal merah dan tempat bowlingnya tutup.... . Arrrrggghhhhh....., mengecewakan bangeett.... . Trus kami mutusin buat pergi ke beberapa tempat di kota, tapi ternyata juga tutup. Merasa kecewa banget, kami mutusin untuk pulang ke rumah. Ya udah, trus kami pulang ke rumah dan aku sampe di rumah jam 8.45 malem. Habis itu aku nonton TV trus main internet...


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  3. Ulang taonnannya ken yaH? Di sono ada pacarnya ken ga ?