Saturday, May 28, 2005

So so Saturday (plus one surprising news)


Today was just only a so so day. I got up in the morning, then i went to school to study there. There was nothing special except one thing. The top five of each class both from X class and II class had to go to the laboratory. I thought we would get some prize, but we didn't. There was an offering (actually i don't agree if it was an offering, i think it was more like a rule or a duty). My school got an invitation to send some students to join the olympiad selection. First, i wanted to refuse it. But, the teacher gave some speech and if we refused it, we would feel bad or uncomfortable (that's cheating!!!). So i applied to join mathematic subject (i was under-pressure >> juz kidding). Besides that, nothing was special. Then i went home, took a nap, and i did an exercise this evening. I played games and watched TV...


Hari ini hanya hari yang biasa-biasa aja. Aku bangun pagi, trus aku pergi ke sekolah untuk belajar. Nggak ada sesuatu yang spesial kecuali satu hal. Lima besar dari tiap kelas baik dari kelas X maupun kelas II harus pergi ke laboratorium. Aku pikir kita bakalan dapet hadiah, ternyata enggak. Ada penawaran (sebenarnya aku kurang setuju kalo itu adalah sebuah penawaran, menurutku itu lebih kepada peraturan atau kewajiban). Sekolahku dapat undangan untuk mengirim beberapa murid untuk mengikuti seleksi olimpiade. Pertamanya aku mau menolak. Tapi, gurunya memberi semacam 'pidato'>>*nggak bisa menemukan kata2 yg tepat* dan kalo kita menolaknya, kita akan merasa jahat dan tidak nyaman (curang banget!!!). Jadi aku mendaftar untuk ikut bidang matematika (di bawah tekanan >> becanda). Selain itu, nggak ada yang spesial. Aku pulang, istirahat, trus olahraga di sore hari. Trus main game dan nonton TV...

Friday, May 27, 2005

Congratulations CARRIE!!!


I make this message because my favourite contestant of American Idol 4, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, wins the competition.

Carrie, you deserve it. You are the best from the top 24 finalists. Although there are some other finalists who are also great like Vonzell Solomon, Bo Bice, Anthony Fedorov, Constantine Maroulis, Nadia Turner, and Jessica Sierra, you are still the best!!!

Top three:

Vonzell (3rd)>> although she showed an awesome improvement (if we compare her performance now with her first performance), i think that's not enough to win the show. But, you are great. You are my second hero.... :D

Bo Bice (runner up)>> He is a great and experienced singer. But, the problem is: he showed it just in the recent weeks, not from the first week.

Finally, CARRIE, congratulations to you. And i will buy your album, we are waiting for it. I hope you will be succesful.


Aku buat message ini soalnya peserta favoritku di American Idol 4, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, memenangkan kompetisi itu.

Carrie, kamu berhak mendapatkan kemenangan tersebut. Kamu adalah yang terbaik di antara 24 finalis. Biarpun ada beberapa finalis yang juga bagus seperti Vonzell Solomon, Bo Bice, Anthony Fedorov, Constantine Maroulis, Nadia Turnner, dan Jessica Sierra, kamu tetap yang terbaik!!!

Tiga Besar:

Vonzell Solomon (3)>> Biarpun dia menunjukkan kemajuan yang mengagumkan (jika kita membandingkan penampilannya sekarang dengan pertama kali), menurutku itu belum cukup untuk memenangkan kompetisi. Tapi,kamu sangat hebat. Kamu jagoan keduaku .... :D

Bo Bice (2)>> Dia adalah penyanyi yang hebat dan berpengalaman. Masalahnya, dia menunjukkannya di akhir2 acara, bukan sejak awal acara.

Akhirnya, CARRIE, selamat untuk kamu. Aku akan beli albummu dan kami sedang menunggunuya. Semoga kamu sukses selalu...

The Top three

Fantastic Friday


Today is a fantastic day for me ( i think). At school i got some 'lucks'. First, my biology teacher cancelled the last examination (that's great, because if not, tomorrow i would have a biology examination about reproduction). Second, yesterday i forgot to study PPKN and today we would have an PPKN's examination. But luckily, the examination was easy. We just had to make a weekly schedule. Then, yesterday i heard that CARRIE UNDERWOOD wins the American Idol 4 show!!! Carrie is my favourite contestant there and if i could,i would have voted for her (but i couldn't :(( ) She is a great and perfect singer (a lot better than the first Indonesian Idol, JOY). Now, i can play internet till evening (maybe bout 5 pm). That's great!!! There is no examination tomorrow so i can relax at home...


Hari ini merupakan hari yang fantastik untuk aku (menurutku). Di sekolah aku dapet beberapa 'keberuntungan'. Pertama, guru biologiku membatalkan ulangan terakhir (itu sangat bagus,soalnya kalo enggak besok aku ulangan biologi bab reproduksi). Kedua, kemarin aku lupa belajar PPKN dan hari ini aku ulangan PPKN. Untungnya soalnya gampang. Kita cuma suru buat jadwal mingguan. Trus, kemarin aku denger2 kalo CARRIE UNDERWOOD menang kontes American Idol 4!!! Carrie itu merupakan kontestan favoritku. Kalo aku bisa, i pasti udah memilih dia dan kirim dukungan (tapi aku nggak bisa :(( ). Dia adalah penyanyi yang hebat dan sempurna (jauh lebih hebat dan bagus daripada Indonesian Idol yang pertama, JOY). Sekarang aku bisa main internet sampe sore (sekitar jam 5an). Itu sangat menyenangkan!!! Besok nggak ada ulangan, jadi aku bisa santai di rumah...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Cool Monday


Actually last night i started to sleep at 00.30 AM and i got up at 5.50 AM. So i slept just for less than 5 hours 30 minutes. It was such a short time (at least for me) to sleep. But, i still had to go to school. It was annoying because yesterday was Sunday and tomorrow is holiday, why didn't they just make today free? That would be nice... . Then, the other annoying thing is that my lil' bro is free from last Saturday to next Saturday. He has a long holiday!!! But, that's ok. I tried to forget it and just concentrate at school. But, at school i got a bad news. Today there would be a history examination. I didn't know that because my teacher announced it last Saturday (when i joined a math competition). But luckily, the questions were so easy :D. I could do all of them (i hope). Then, i finished studying at school at 3 pm then i went to The Netz. I met PJ at YM and he told me many things about virus and some tips how to erase it from my computer. Thanks to PJ. Then i arrived at home at 5.15 pm. I slept for a while (just 45 minutes) and watched tv till night and then playin' computer right now. The most interesting thing i found on the tv was that i could watch HELENA ANDRIAN again there!!! She is one of my fave singer!!!


Sebenarnya tadi malem i mulai tidur jam 00.30 pagi, trus i bangun jam 5.50 pagi. Jadi i tidur nggak ada 5 setengah jam. Waktu yang sangat pendek (paling nggak untuk aku) untuk tidur. Tapi aku tetep harus pergi ke sekolah. Hari ini menyebalkan karena kemarin itu Minggu dan besok libur. Kenapa mereka gak sekalian aja meliburkan hari ini? Itu akan bagus... . Hal menyebalkan lain adalah adikku mulai Sabtu kemarin sampe Sabtu depan libur!!! Tapi nggak papa. Aku coba untuk melupakannya dan konsentrasi di sekolah. Tapi, di sekolah aku dapet berita buruk. Hari akan ada ulangan sejarah. Aku nggak tau soalnya diumuminnya kemarin Sabtu pas aku ikutan lomba. Untungnya soalnya gampang :D Aku bisa ngerjain semuanya (semoga). Trus aku selesai sekolah jam 3 trus aku ke Warnet. Aku ketemu PJ di YM trus dia ngasih tau banyak hal ttg virus dan beberapa tips untuk menghilangkannya dari komputerku. Makasih buat PJ. I sampe rumah jam 5.15. Trus i tidur sebentar (cuma 45 menit) trus nonton tv sampe malem en main komputer (sekarang). Hal paling menarik di tv tadi adalah akhirnya aku bisa ngelihat HELENA ANDRIAN lagi!!! Dia adalah salah satu penyanyi favoritku!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

One more tiring Day...


Actually, today i joined a math competition at Sanata Dharma University Jogjakarta. In the letter it’s stated that it’s a group competition with 3 members each group. And there would be 3 rounds, two elimination rounds and one final round. On the first elimination one they took the best 9 groups and on the second one they just took best 3 groups. I thought we would do it together (i mean we can discuss the questions to the other members of our group). But it didn’t!!! We had to do it individually and the group’s score is gotten from the sum of the individual scores. That was annoying. Because of that my group was eliminated on the first round. Not so bad. At least 68, 3% of my group’s score is mine. :D . Then, after going’ back from the university, my friend and i went to a warung and ate there. Then i went to The Netz until 3 pm. I arrived at home at 3.15 pm. And while i was taking a rest, i had to have an exercise and it was very tiring.... . Oh GOD....


Sebenernya hari ini aku ikut lomba matematika di Universitas Sanata Dharma Jogjakarta. Di suratnya dinyatakan bahwa lomba adalah lomba beregu dengan anggota 3 orang tiap regu. Akan ada 3 babak, dua babak eliminasi dan satu babak final. Di babak eliminasi pertama akan diambil 9 group terbaik dan di babak eliminasi yang kedua hanya akan diambil 3 group yang terbaik. Aku kira kita ngerjainnya bareng-bareng (maksudnya kita bisa diskusi sama temen se-grup kita). Ternyata enggak!!! Kita ngerjainnya secara individual trus skor group diperoleh dari jumlah poin individual. Menyebalkan banget. Gara-gara itu grupku kalah di babak pertama. Nggak jelek-jelek banget sih. Paling nggak 68,3% dari poin grupku yang nyumbang itu aku. :D Trus setelah pulang dari sana, aku sama temen2 pergi ke warung trus makan di sana. Habis itu ak pergi ke warnet sampe jam 3 sore. Aku sampe di rumah jam 3.15. Trus waktu lagi istirahat, ternyata aku harus pergi latihan dan itu sangalah melelahkan.... . Ya Tuhan...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tiring Wednesday


After havin' a fantastic Wednesday last week, now i have to get the 'punishment'.... . This Wednesday is really a tiring day for me. I have to go to school till 3 pm. Then i have to go to the Netz and looking for some literatures for my assignments, etc.... .Besides that, math asssignment is making me mad!!! It's really hard, not the matery but the way to type it on the computer and it's also complicated!!! But the good thing this day is that the extracuricullar is cancelled today. That's great...


Setelah menjalani Rabu yang asik minggu lalu, sekarang aku harus menjalani 'hukumannya'.... . Rabu ini sangat melelahkan untuk aku. Soalnya aku harus sekolah sampe jam 3 sore. Trus pergi ke Warnet untuk cari beberapa bahan buat tugasku, dll.... . Selain itu tugas matematikan bisa bikin aku gila!!! Susah banget, bukan materinya tapi bagaimana untuk mengetik laporan di komputer dan caranya emang ruwet!!! Tapi hal baiknya adalah hari ini ekstrakurikuler dibatalkan alias libur..... . Lumayan deh....

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I like this Wednesday


Woow... . After a very rude week, now i get a very pleasant day!!! I think i'm very lucky this day. Because i should have an exam today but they cancelled it because we (students) have to go to the funeral ceremony. So i go home earlier. Then my group didn't have to present the presentation (i mean a conversation) today. Wow, i like this day very much!!! I hope this luck goes in the whole day...


Woow..... .Setelah 1 minggu yang menyebalkan, sekarang aku sedang menjalani hari yang sangat mengasyikkan. Kayaknya aku beruntung deh hari ini. Soalnya harusnya hari ini ada ulangan tapi ditunda soalnya kita (siswa2) harus pergi ke layatan. Jadi aku pulang lebih awal. Trus grupku juga nggak harus resentasi / maju untuk percakapan hari ini. Wow, aku suka banget hari ini!!! Semoga keberuntungan ini terus mengisi sisa hari ini...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I hate this week!!


I hate this week very much!!! Why? Because i have some terrible problems thesedays. Everyday i have examination at school (Mo --> economy, Tu --> chemistry, We --> Religion, Fr --> Biology, Sa --> Geography). And the worst thing is i was sick from monday till wednesday!!! I got cold and flu. That was really annoying. Oh GOD!!!


Aku sangat sangat benci minggu ini!!! Kenapa? Soalnya aku dapet beberapa permasalahan yang parah akhir2 ini. Tiap hari ada ulangan di sekolah (Sn --> ekonomi, Se --> kimia, Rb --> Agama, Ju --> Biologi, Sb --> Geografi). Trus permasalahan yang terburuk adalah aku sakit dari hari Senin sampe Rabu. Aku sakit panas sama flu. Sangat sangat mengganggu dan menyebalkan. Ya Tuhan....

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Suck Virus (Part 2)


Finally, yesterday i brought this CPU to the service center and they repaired it. The program could work normally, but there was 1 problem. The screen still liked that (red screen with a warning said:DANGER:SPYWARE). Then i decided to reinstall my CPU. Then, the problen is solved and i can use my computer right now. Thanks God.


Akhirnya kemarin aku bawa ni komputer ke customer servicenya trus mereka benerin komputer ini. Programnya bisa jalan normal, tapi ada 1 masalah. Layarnya masih kayak begitu (merah bertuliskan:DANGER:SPYWARE). Trus aku memutuskan untuk install ulang komputerku. Akhirnya masalah terselesaikan dan aku bisa make komputerku lagi sekarang. Thanks God...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Suck Virus!!!


Yesterday, when i was making my assignment from school, a virus attacked my computer. When it attacked i didn't realize. Then, when i wanted to shut my computer down i found that there was a strange thing appear on the monitor! There was a warning said:"DANGER : SPYWARE!!!" and the screen turned red. I was really surprised and just turned my computer off.

Special Thanks to FEB and ANGEL who gave me some useful suggestions.

How it ends will be posted on the next message


Kemarin waktu lagi buat tugas dari sekolah, seekor/sebuah virus menyerang komputerku! Waktu dia nyerang aku nggak sadar. Trus waktu aku mau matiin komputer, aku baru sadar kalo ada sesuatu nyang aneh muncul di layar monitor. Ada tulisan yang bunyinya:"DANGER : SPYWARE!!!" trus warna layarnya berubah jadi merah. Aku kaget banget pas itu tapi langsung aja aku matiin komputernya.

Trims to FEB sama ANGEL yang udah ngasih beberapa saran berguna.

Bagaimana akhirnya ntar i post di message selanjutnya.

NB : i post pake bahasa inggris sekalian ngelatih bahasa inggris, maklum, mungkin taon depan mo kuliah di luar. :D Doain ya....