Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All About Six

Note: because this message is very long, so I just write it in English.... :) sorry for the inconvenience

I got a homework from
Aunty Miniez to write "All About Six" (6 things which really made me both feel happy and sad). Ok, and here they are:


1. Being one of the best student: Thanks be to God because He always bless me especially at school (not only ay school actually but in this case I wanna emphasize it... :D). I didn't always get the highest mark at school (especially when I was in Elementary School and Junior High School), but my mark was included in the top 10 or top 5 in school, or top 3 in class. In Senior High School it went better and better... :)

2. Going abroad on holiday. In the end of 2003 until the beginning of 2004, my family and some other families went abroad on holiday. We went to Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China (only acrossed the river from Hong Kong to the city "Shen Zhen"). We were in Singapore only one night (so we just walked around Orchard Road and Sentosa Island the next morning, because in the afternoon, our flight to Bangkok, Thailand departed). We spent 4 nights in Thailand (3 night in Bangkok and 1 night in Pattaya). We went to some temples and looked at the Emerald Buddha, Sleeping Buddha, and Golden Buddha statues. We also went to Crocodile Park (I was so excited watching the crocodile show, the model put his head into the crocodile's mouth!!!). At Pattaya, we also watched Alcatraz Show (transsexual show), they were not like queers actually (we would not have found out that they were transsexual if we hadn't been told by the guide or if we didn't look at them so carefully). Then, we went to Shen Zhen (our flight was to Hong Kong, so we went to Hong Kong first, then by bus we went to Shen Zhen). We went to "Window of The World", a miniature park of the world, and "Window of China", a miniature park about China. We also wacthed some shows which were fantastic there. After spending 2 nights there, we moved to Hong Kong. We went to Maddame Tussaud's Wax Museum and also went on walk around the city Hong Kong. After that, we went back to Indonesia. It was my first experience to go abroad.... :)

3. When my driving license was granted. Because of that, now I can go everywhere by car without worrying the police. It doesn't mean I can drive carelessly or break the rules; but at least if the worst thing happens (ex: I get caught by the police, or etc), I have the driving license... :)

4. When I got my new first cellular phone. Actually, for my peer, I was pretty "late" when I got my first cellular phone. My parents bought my first cellphone to me (N 3650) 3 years ago, after my final examination of Junior High School. Most of my friends had already owned cellular phones at that time (even when we were in the first grade of JHS). But that's okay, I was still happy at that time... :D

5. Going to Malaysia (going abroad on holiday part II). In the end of 2004 until the beginning of 2005 my family and one other family went to Malaysia to spend our Christmas - New Year Holiday time... . At first we stayed at Sunway Lagoon and played at the theme park. Then, we moved to Genting Highlands and stayed 2 days long. We went to the mall and theme park too... . Well, I couldn't enter the casino because I was still too young at that time (well, even right now I still can't enter it, lol he3... :D). Then, because of the tsunami disaster, we cancelled our plan to Penang Island and prolonged our stay at Kuala Lumpur >> in Malaysia, we still can speak Bahasa Indonesia to the people there... :) After that, we went back to Indonesia

6. When my little brother was born. I was still 3 years old at that time but I still remember that I was so happy at that time... :D


1. When disasters kept coming on Jogjakarta. Almost three weeks ago (when I was in Bali), a massive earthquake shook my city, after that, the activity of the volcano Merapi raised... . Those disasters made me feel sad.... :(

2. When my dad was sick and had to be treated at the hospital. About 4.5 years ago, my dad got a heart attack and had to be treated at Panti Rapih Hospital for about 10 days. After that, he was permitted to go back home, but he didn't get over really well and his face was so pale. Then, my aunt from Surabaya recommended to go to Jakarta and checked my father's heart there. Wow, so lucky my father went to Jakarta, there we found out that the artery (Arteria coronaria) was still clogged by 95% even after he consumed some drug, then he had a surgery and put a stent on it, and after that his condition got better and better.

3. When my grandfathers passed away. Twelve and nine years ago, my grandfathers (one from my father and the other of course from my mother) passed away. Everybody feels sad when one of their relative pass' away, and so do I....

4. Feeling so lonely. Sometimes in the past I also felt so lonely, that was obviously not fun... :(

5. Being separated from my friends. I always don't like the moment when I got separated from my friends, for example when we enter different school (if still in one city, not really a problem; but if in two different cities, that's the problem.... :( ) or different colleges (like what happens now...).

6. When people lie at me. I really hate people who lie at me, because they have already broken my trust on them (that's the first thing) or because they don't trust on me (because they don't trust on me, so they lie to me, that sometimes happened when I was a kid).


I throw this homework to:
1. Dian Decante
2. Yulia
3. Nao
4. Meli Bong
5. Wina
6. Hendri Bun

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