Thursday, October 19, 2006

#225 - se7en

I got another homework from Nathania a.k.a Angel about se7en. Wakz, it seems that she did a revenge to me.... :P Okay, here we go:

Seven things that scare me
1. Jesus Christ
2. height (when there is no railing, wall, glass, or anything that protect us safe from falling... :D)
3. any dangerous creatures such as large sharks, crocodiles, poisonous big snakes, etc...
4. any kind of disaster
5. pop-exam / quiz
6. being alienated in an "alien" place
7. germs

Seven random songs at the moment
1. Christina Vidal - Take Me Away
2. Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
3. Katharine McPhee - Black Horse and A Cherry Tree
4. Katharine McPhee - I Have Nothing
5. Katharine McPhee - Think
6. Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
7. Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Wannabe

Seven things that I like the most
1. i n t e r n e t
2. my bed(s)
3. my lapty
4. blogging
5. music (but not all genre)
6. sleeping
7. travelling

Seven important things in my bedroom

1. bed
2. pillow
3. bed cover
4. computer
5. book(s)
6. wardrobe
7. private bath-room >> ???

Seven random facts about me

1. Internet-Addict
2. Cable TV-lover
3. a pretty quiet person
4. travelling-lover
5. not an "explosive" person
6. easy to get bored
7. easy to envy

Seven things I plan to do before I die
1. travelling around the world
2. being a successful businessman
3. building my own dream-palace house
4. making my parents happy and proud... :P
5. having a happy life
6. enjoying my life
7. making all my dreams come true... :)

I've decided to pass this to:

This time I wannabe a nice person, therefore I DON'T PASS this homework to anyone, he3.... :)



As you can read here, last week my friend lost his ATM and student-ID cards. He thought somebody stole them in the train, but I doubt that. And finally, yesterday the truth was revealed (:P), he was careless and found his student-ID card in his bag, and his ATM card was in a plastic bag in Jogja.... :)


Seperti yang bisa dibaca disini, minggu lalu temenku kehilangan kartu ATM sama KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa)-nya. Dia kira seseorang mencuri tuh kartu-kartu di dalam kereta, tapi aku meragukannya. Dan akhirnya, kemarin kenyataannya terungkap (:P), dia ceroboh, dan menemukan KTMnya di dalam tas-nya dan kartu ATMnya ada di dalam kantong plastik di Jogja.... :)

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