Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#517 - My Blog Third Anniversary

Finally, today my blog reaches its THIRD birthday....

517 entries have been posted on its first three years, or 189 entries during the last one year

Many feedbacks have already been acquired

Many people have come and visited

Thanks everyone for your supports.... . I will keep on writing in this blog... :)

Note : My latest regular entry can be read here

Quick Update:

- last Tuesday (yesterday) I brought my laptop to hp service center. They said maximum next Monday it will have been fixed and they guarantee everything's gonnabe alright (yea, if I really have to spend Rp 2,000,000.- and it's not alright, well, grrrrr.... )

- next Thursday (tomorrow) I'm going to Jakarta all day long (for a 'Company Visit', hopefully everything's gonnabe alright... :D) so I think I won't be online tomorrow, haha... :) I will be back online on Friday, hmmm...

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