Friday, April 11, 2008

#511 - Thursday & Friday


Sigh, these last 2 days have really been exhausting for me... :(

Thursday (10th April 2008)

As you can read at my previous entry, I was going to Jakarta yesterday. My friends and I departed at 7.30 AM from Bandung (I drove my car). Well, twas my first time driving to Jakarta, hehe... :) Unexpectedly, I only needed 1.5 hours to reach Jakarta, wkwkwkwkw.... (I thought it would take about 2 hours drive). But then, once we entered Jakarta, the traffic jam started, damn Jakarta.

Okay, after we looked at the 'Bank Indonesia' building (2 weeks ahead we're going there) we went to Ancol. We tried to manage the trip for the 'company visit', hmmm.... . We went to Sea World to get some info then we went to Marina Beach. Somehow, some minutes after I parked my car suddenly we were all in a boat, wkwkwkw.... lol (because we were interested in the offer (Rp 5,000.oo), that's cheap). Well, then after doing some survey, the plan is pretty fixed!! yeah, haha....

Then, we went to Grand Indonesia Mall, I had never been there before. Well, it's such a cool mall!! hahaha.... . There is a fountain show, a theme for a floor, etc. After hanging out there we had dinner at Burger King (so far as I know there's no Burger King in Bandung nor Yogyakarta). Then, we went back to Bandung. On the way back, there was a storm plus there was an accident, causing a big long line on the Jakarta - Cikampek highway, damn... . We arrived at Bandung after 2 hours drive (including the damn long line).

My day wasn't finished yet. I still gotta finish the proposal. Once I was at my room I planned to go to bed but when I turned my tv on, there was a 'Superman Returns' on HBO so since I haven't watched it so I did it, wkwkwkw... lol.

Friday (11th April 2008)

Because of watching the movie, I didn't have enough sleep today, damn. I'm so tired and sleepy now. I had lectures from 8 AM until 11 AM. Then I gotta submit the 'company visit' proposal and had a meeting with the lecturer. Then, because my cellphone pulse had been dying so I walked to the store after I went back from campus not realizing my wallet was also dying, shoot. Well, then at 12 PM I had to go to Istana Plaza since I become one of the judges for the math competition there. Sigh. So tiring. I went back from IP at 4 PM.

Well, I haven't watched American Idol yet since my tv (I think the provider) is error. Damn. Well, I heard Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, and Syesha Mercado were the bottom three, and Michael Johns got voted off. What?? Wah!! Hmmmm.... . I never love Michael Johns but he is a good singer, hmmm.... . I dun root for him tho so... . My laptop is supposed to be done today but there's still a problem. Another damn.

Today is not my best day, neither this week, grrr.... :( Lucky tomorrow is weekend where I can relax a lil' bit

::: Sea World

::: Marina Bay (1)

::: narcist on the boat

::: Marina Bay (2)

::: a jellyfish

::: Marina Bay (3), a cablecar, and buoys

::: one spot at Grand Indonesia

::: fountain show

::: another spot at Grand Indonesia

::: my meal at Burger King, a black pepper beef burger

::: Bottom Three this week: Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, and Syesha Mercado


Hhh, 2 hari terakhir ini beneran melelahkan bgt deh untuk aku... :(

Kamis (10 April 2008)

Seperti yg bisa dibaca di posting sebelumnya, aku pergi ke Jakarta kemarin. Aku sama temen2ku berangkat jam 7.30 pagi dari Bandung (aku yg nyetir mobilku). Hmm, pertama kalinya neh aku pergi ke Jakarta, hehe... ;) Nggak terduga ternyata cuma membutuhkan waktu 1,5 jam yak buat ke Jakarta, wkwkwkwkw... (kirain mah bisa sekitar 2 jam deh). Tapi kemudian, begitu masuk Jakarta, macet menyerang, Jakarta sial.

Oke, habis kita melihat lokasinya Gedung 'Bank Indonesia' (kan 2 minggu lagi kita kesana), kita jalan deh ke Ancol. Kita mencoba deh untuk menyusun rencana buat 'kunjungan perusahaan' ntar, hmmmm.... . Kita pergi ke Sea World untuk dapat informasi trus pergi ke Pantai Marina deh. Kemudian, tiba2 beberapa menit habis parkir tau2 kami uda ada di atas perahu, wkwkwkw.... lol (soale tertarik sama tawarannya sih (Rp 5.000,oo) doang tuh, kan murah). Hmm, habis survey, rencananya sudah pasti!! yeah, haha....

Trus, kita pergi ke Mall Grand Indonesia, kan aku belum pernah kesana. Mall-nya ternyata keren loh!! hahaha.... . Ada pertunjukan air mancurnya, satu tema untuk satu lantai, dll. Habis jalan2 kita makan deh di Burger King (setauku sih nggak ada deh Burger King di Bandung atau Yogyakarta). Trus kita balik deh ke Bandung. Waktu balik ada badai gede tuh dan ada kecelakaan, makanya menyebabkan macet panjang di jalan tol Jakarta - Cikampek, sial.... . Kita sampe di Bandung setelah 2 jam perjalanan (termasuk macet panjang).

Hariku kemudian belum selesai. Aku jg mesti menyelesaikan proposal dulu neh. Trus waktu uda di kos mau tidur kan nyalain tv, eh ada 'Superman Returns' di HBO. Karena aku blum nonton ya udah aku nonton dulu deh, wkwkwkw... lol.

Jumat (11 April 2008)

Karena nonton tuh film makanya aku nggak tidur dengan cukup tadi. Capek bgt dan ngantuk nih. Aku ada kuliah dari jam 8 pagi sampe jam 11. Kemudian aku kan harus ngasiin proposal 'kunjungan perusahaan' dan ada rapat sama dosenku. Trus karena pulsa hapeku uda sekarat habis dari kampus aku jalan ke tokonya nggak nyadar kalo sebenernya dompetku jg lagi sekarat. Sialan. Trus jam 12 aku harus ke Istana Plaza soale aku jadi juri kompetisi matematika disana. Hhh. Capek bgt neh. Baru beres dari IP jam 4 sore.

Hmm, blum sempet nonton American Idol nih soale tv-ku (kayae providernya sih) lagi error, sialan. Hmm, katanya Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, and Syesha Mercado adalah tiga terbawah minggu ini dan Michael Johns tersisih. Apa?? Wah!! Hmmmm.... . Aku nggak pernah sih suka2 bgt sama Michael Johns tp dia sih penyanyi yg ok sebenarnya, hmmm.... . Aku nggak dukung dia sih jadi ... . Trus laptopku kan harusnya beres hari ini tapi masih ada masalah neh. Sialan lagi.

Hari ini beneran bukan hari terbaikku deh, minggu ini juga, grrr... :( Untungnya besok adalah wiken dimana aku bisa nyantai dikit neh

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