Thursday, November 01, 2007

#429 - The Amazing Race Asia 2

Note: this entry will only be written in English... :D

Okay, tonight there was a "Racers Revealed" of The Amazing Race Asia 2. It was sort of an introduction of all 10 teams which competed on the second season of the race. Here is my short opinion about them:

1. Brett & Kinaryosih (Dating, Indonesia)

okay, so far as I see, they were the only team which was not really race for the money. This could be interesting... . Even though I actually prefer Indonesia is represented by 'not-famous' team (Kinaryosih is an actress, and I actually prefer the Indonesian team is represented by common people, hehe...). But anyway, I support them, hehehe... . I hope they did better than MnM this season (last season MnM were so great by achieving #4, hehe.... :D)

2. Paula & Natasha (Childhood Friends, Thailand)

they are so attractive, I think they could be this season's Aubrey&Jacqueline. But I hope they did better than Aubrey&Jaq, hehe....

3. Collin & Adrian (Gym-Buddies, Singapore)

The most interesting thing about this team is that Adrian is deaf, and they communicate through sign-language. This could be an advantage for them that other teams wouldn't understand what they were speaking... . They are somehow like Charla&Mirna, but I still prefer Charla&Mirna, I dunno why for now...

4. Sophie & Aurelia (ex-housemates, Hong Kong)

okay, they are attractive and seemed not to have a 'peaceful' relationship, haha....

5. Henry & Terri (married 13 years, Philippines)

Wow, they attracted me, not like what I thought at first when I saw her pic or read their profile. I think they would do well. Don't judge a book by its cover...

6. Daichi & Sawaka (Brother-Sister, Japan)

Okay, this team is VERY interesting. Sawaka (the elder) is over-protective and decisive. Daichi made a shock in his family by not telling his family that he got married (what!?!?!?), hahaha... .

7. Pamela & Vannesa (sisters, Malaysia)

Hmmm, I dun really have much to say...

8. Marc & Rovilson (Best-Buddies, Philippines)

I'm sure many people (especially woman) would root for this team, haha... . Every woman would like to see Marc there.

9. Ann & Diane (dancing mums, Malaysia)

This team is really interesting. They called themselves Desperate Housewives. This is interesting because they are housewives who were travelling around the world, what a really different world, hehe

10. Edwin & Monica (Dating 10 Years, Hong Kong)

Okay, Edwin is really really arrogant and he was kinda exagerrating what he said. While Monica said they were like Rob&Amber from the original version of TAR, he said they were better than Rob&Amber, hmmm... . Prove ur words Edwin, if u didn't, hahahaha.... . We would laugh... . (but if they really proved it, I will like them, hehe...)

Anyway, so far 5 teams attracted me, huahahaha....
1. Brett & Kinaryosih (of course, they represented Indonesia... :D)
2. Daichi & Sawaka
3. Ann & Diane
4. Paula & Natasha
5. Henry & Terri

::: Teams of TARA 2, minus the dancing mums

we will see, I heard the premierre will be on 22nd November, arrrggghhhh... . That's still a loooonnnggg time from now... :( But the good news is that next Monday TAR 12 will start, hehehe... :)

Anyway, I think there are too-many eye candies this season, i dunno. It's just too many I think.

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