Saturday, August 26, 2006

#197 - The Quiz

Hi all, I got a same homework to do from Mutiara, Sash, Yutie, and Sheilla, and now I'm gonna do my homework...

Favourite Colour: blue, black
Favourite Food: fried chicken
Favourite Song: so many, and usually they change as time flows... :)
Favourite Movie: some, but I can't mention them
Favourite Sport: gym (fitness), and some other depend on my mood
Favourite Day of the Week: Saturday and Sunday. In weeks it's gonna change probably
Favourite Ice Cream: chocolate and mocca

Current Mood: exhausted, disappointed, pissed, sleepy
Current Taste: dunno
Current Clothes: black t-shirt, black pants.
Current Desktop: computer @ some internet cafes, and my laptop.
Current Toenail Colour: ori!
Current Time: 16.12 PM
Current Annoyance: having no other choice than passing through all OSPEKKA program
Current Thoughts: blank, so exhausted

First Best Friend: dun really remember, so so long ago
First Crush: XXX
First Movie: dun remember, so so long ago
First Lie: dun remember, so long ago
First Music: dun really remember, but it's supposed to be a kids song

Last Cigarette: NO SMOKING!!!
Last Drink: mineral water
Last Car Ride: CRV, 16 days ago
Last Crush: XXX!
Last Phone Call: Yuli
Last CD played: The Apprentice Season 4 (DVD)

Have you ever
Have you ever dated one of your best friends: no
Have you ever broken the law: probably, but it must be the small one... :)
Have you ever been arrested: NOPE
Have you ever skinny dipped: No
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: NOPE lah....

Next who are lucky
Diyan Octavia
Meli Bong
6. YOU!!!

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