Saturday, March 04, 2006

My Dreams

Actually I get a homework from Wina a.k.a Mamanyazaki to write about 5 of my dreams here... . Ok, and here they are (note: probably I like to say them as wishes better than dreams, he3... :D)

1. Having satisfying tests result and studying at the university where I really want to study at

Just like what I have already written here, some weeks ago I had Entrance Tests and also a TOEFL test. Until today, I still haven't received the result yet (actually I will receive the results on the late March or early April, for my TOEFL score probably next week...) and hopefully I make it.... :)

Well, this probably can be categorized as a short term dream, LOL.... :) :) :)

2. Doing My Dreamjob

My dreamjob right now is being a succesful businessman. I don't know why but I think I love this kind of job (working in business). I hope someday I will make it comes true... .

Talking about my dreamjob, I feel pretty lucky about this. Why? Because I found this (what I really wannabe) about 2 or 3 years ago. Then, when most of my friends felt confused about this (because we have already been in high school and we have to continue to university, so we have to make a choice about our dreamjob), I didn't feel that because I had already found that... :)

3. Having a happy life

This is probably a standart dream. Of course everybody wants a happy life, and as a normal human, I also want to have it. I hope in the future I will have a happy family, great job, enjoyable life, and everything that's nice... . :) LOL.... :)

4. Graduate from High School as soon as possible

I don't know why but now I just feel that I am really bored with high-school. I really wanna graduate quickly (I know this can't be happened because I must follow the stream....). Probably because it will only be about 3 or 4 months more to study in high-school. Right now at school we always have exercises to prepare ourselves having the final examination (UAN) next May. It's boring and also exhausting because everyday we only have exercise, exercise, and excercise.... :(

I know that one day I will miss my time in high-school (some people say that) because most people say that high-school time is the most beautiful time during our lifes.... . But this is what I really feel right now...

5. Travelling around the world

I love travelling... . I mean, if I have enough money, I think I will spend it to go on travelling, he3... :). I hope someday I can make this comes true... :)

Well, finally my homework is finished!!! Yaaayyy.... :) :) :). Now, I have to pass this homework to some other people, and those lucky people are: Mr. Hendri Bun, Angel a.k.a Nathania, Mr. Danny, Mrs. Yulia, and Christy. Good luck with your homework, LOL... :) :) :)

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