Thursday, February 18, 2010

#799 - The Amazing Race 16

note: this entry will only be written in English because I am not in the mood of writing bilingual :-)

Earlier this week, the newest season of one of my most favorite TV shows, The Amazing Race 16 was premiered. I, of course, didn't miss it. Even though I missed the premiere at AXN because I was in Jogja, I caught up with its first rerun. O yea, speaking of missing one episode, I just realized that I apparently missed one episode of Heroes Season 4 last week!! Arrrgggghhhh..... . Anyway, well, this month is really joyful as it's filled with so many interesting tv shows being premiered.

Well, back to topic. This season of The Amazing Race consisted of 11 teams. However, just purely based on this season's premiere, I think the casts were not as strong as season 15's casts. It doesn't mean that no contestant attracts my attention yet, it's just that during season 15's premiere, I managed to get 3 favorite teams and 2 potential favorite teams, while this season, I only had a handful favorite teams and few potential favorite teams. Well, it might be because season 15's premiere was a two hour premiere covering the first two legs. Plus, there was an unnecessary (IMHO) twist there. Tho it was infamous but still, somehow it's memorable (and it's a good thing that stupid twist wasn't applied in season 16). My thought about season 15's premiere can be read here.

::: all teams of TAR season 16.

Anyway, in the first leg, all teams went to Chile, South America. The tasks were actually pretty interesting and kinda challenging. However, somehow, the episode turned to be just okay for me. It was not boring at all, but it wasn't great nor exciting either. Maybe this is because there wasn't any major conflict, yet, between the teams. So, we will see...

About the first episode, I am kinda curious about Jet and Cord, the cowboy brothers, who exchanged their dollars with Brazilian money after acknowledging they were about to go to Chile!! Well, it's true that geographically, Chile is close to Brazil. However, I think it's more logical to exchange their money to Chilean money, when they don't know the local currency of Chile, right? I mean, I think they should have asked for Chilean money in the money exchange rather than Brazilian money. Anyway, this might have been edited tho, to make the cowboys look "dumb". Even so, if the money exchange didn't have Chilean money, then why did they bother to exchange their money to Brazilian anyway? I wouldn't have done that...

Anyway, let's talk about my favorite teams. So far, only two teams have grabbed my attention:

1. Jordan and Jeff (newly dating)

Well, apparently, these two were also the cast of one season of another American reality show, The Big Brother. Jordan even won that season. That's why I guess we can assume that they know how to play reality show. Hopefully they can bring those knowledge in TAR, making this season interesting! Well, somehow they kinda had proven it by winning the first leg.

::: Jordan and Jeff

Anyway, Jordan kinda "tickled" me by saying "China" instead of "Chile" in the airport. Well, lucky it was in LAX, the starting point, so the ticket officer knew exactly where they were heading. Had the ticket officer not known the real destination, it would have been "funny" (sarcastic mode on :D) to see them flying to China while their actual destination is Chile, in the other part of the world, hahaha....

2. Monique and Shawne (Moms/Attorneys)

::: Monique and Shawne

Well, I dunno, I think I just like this team. Perhaps I like the energy they brought to the race as they seemed to be cheerful and enjoying every moment. We will see....

Well, the only two teams, as for now, I consider as potential favorite teams are

3. Jet and Cord (Brothers/Cowboys)

::: Jet and Cord

I think they are unique. Even though I totally hate their decision to exchange their dollars to Brazilian money, I think they can be interesting to watch, we will see...

4. Carol and Brandy (Dating)

::: Carol and Brandy

Well, I think they can be the "sneaky" team this season and I like sneaky team. Hopefully the can be strategic to help them overcome all the challenges.

Actually, team Brent and Caite is a wildcard for me. They can be favorite but also hated team, hahaha. I just don't like Brent's expression during the race based on leg 1. I think his face was, well I dunno whether this word can fully describe what I mean or not but let's hope it's close enough LOL, inexpressive or kinda "plain". With that face, I think people who watched him would like to punch him in the face, hahaha. Just Kidding :-) But yeah, I think he needs to be much more expressive.

::: Caite and Brent

Anyway, a new season has started. Let's hope it's gonnabe another interesting and exciting season of TAR.

note: all pictures are taken from the official website. Link above


  1. Berat memang euy nulis dua abhasa. Capeeekkk

  2. @ Dian : wkakaka, memang :) Kalo lagi mood sih gpp, cuma kalo lagi males ya ga usah aja ah, hehehe