Friday, September 15, 2006

#207 - Dream On, Dream Away

I got another homework from Engeltje about Dreaming, an interesting topic... . Here we go.


I wish I could fly >> well, way too imaginable and impossible... :P

Well, I wish I could paint and hide something controversial in my pictures just like what Leonardo DaVinci did hundred of years ago. That's cool

I wish I could also learn a new language so fastly. So it won't be a matter for me when I'm in a foreign country because I can speak their language fluently... :P

And so many other talents which are in my mind but now are still hiding I don't know where... :P

Dream Vacation

I basically love travelling, so if I'm asked about my dream vacation, it would be travelling around the world. I want to travel to everywhere in the world.... :)

Dream Date

Does it mean person to date or place for dating??


- Diving . After reading
her blog, I'm pretty interested in diving, but as far as there is NO dangerous sharks, dangerous octopus, and any other dangerous sea creatures.... :)

- Surfing. It's cool to see people do surfing when they are in a beach. But honestly it's very hard to do

- Rock-Climbing. Actually I don't really like this kind of sport (extreme-sports) but if we are lucky enough to play in one cigarette's commercial break, we will earn a very huge ammount of money... :P >> PLAKKK!!!!

super power

I wish I were nobody, because being a super power was very stressful, depressing, and usually got alienated from another people because of extra-power they owned. People loved them because he/she saved them, not loved him/her personally... :P

imaginary character

- DORAEMON. So I could take anything I needed and wanted from his magic pocket.... :P


I wanted to stay here, in 2006 or in time where I do really belong to. I don't want to go back to the past (because all of them have already happened and I don't want to change them, if I changed them, I would also change myself now... :P) nor go to the future (let the future be mysterious, that's the beauty and value of time... :P).

dream honeymoon

Hmmm, it has not even come up in my mind, still a long time later, but probably Europe, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, and some places in The US (Wow, so many, probably it's not a honeymoon but honey-year, he3... :P)

doing the impossible

I wish I could fly with my own wings. I wish there is no disaster in Indonesia. I wish Star Trek was REAL, so I could be inside it and be one of the character and for sure, could voyage the universe... :P

mixing the animals

Hmm.... . Probably a fusion between eagle, whale, and tiger would be interesting?? Or probably monkey, alligator, pigeon, and cat?? I don't know.... .

Next to Go
Dian Decante
Meli Bong
6. YOU!!

PS: because I will be very busy from next Sunday until Tuesday, so I probably will only have little time to be online.... .

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