Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Thursday!! Yaay...


At school we had a biology exam today. It was completely awful. We had to do 8 essay questions just in 40 minutes!! That's so cruel. I could answer all of them (i mean i finished doing it, but i almost didn't make it, my handwriting surely was really terrible because i wrote in a hurry). Then afterschool i was not sleepy, so i played a computer game until 16.00 then i went to my English Course. After that i went back home and browsed internet, then i watched tv till midnight. Finally, it's Thursday which means that tomorrow and Saturday i will be on holiday!!! That's great!!!


Di sekolah hari ini ada ulangan biologi. Tadi tuh nyebelin banget ulangannya. Kita tuh harus ngerjain 8 soal uraian hanya dalam 40 menit!! Kejam banget. Emang sih aku bisa ngerjain semuanya (maksudnya selesai gitu, tapi tadi aku nyaris nggak selesai, tulisanku bener-bener jelek banget gara2 keburu-buru ngerjainnya). Trus habis pulang sekolah aku nggak ngantuk, jadi aku main game komputer sampe jam 4 sore. Trus aku pergi ke les2an Inggris. Habis aku pulang aku main internet sama nonton tv sampe tengah malem. Akhirnya, ini Kamis. Maksudnya besok sama Sabtu aku libur!! Asik....


  1. hey! dont curse biology, thats my favorite subject! hehehe..joke...

    good to read your daily accounts or your activities...may i suggest, you may use the words "browse/d, scan/ned or surf/did surfing" the net in liue of "played" the net... ;)

  2. opps...before i forget, i heard that there is a filipino singer who has found a second home in your country. he is quite famous in the philippines too. He is Christian bautista. Can you please do some stories about him, im just curious about the news here is true. thanks.