Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plain Tuesday


Today, as usual, i got up at 5.55 AM then i went to school... . At school i had a religion task and i hadn't done it yet, so i did my task at school in the morning. Today we also had a chemistry exam and fortunately, it was easy. Then i went home at 13.30 then took a nap. At 16.00 i went to my English Course and i didn't know that we would have progress test today!! That's awful... . The course ended at 18.00 then i went home. At home i watched tv then studied physic.


Hari ini, kayak biasane, aku bangun jam 5.55 pagi habis itu pergi ke sekolah... . Trus di sekolah ternyata ada tugas agama dan aku blon ngerjain, jadi tadi pagi-pagi aku ngerjain tugas di sekolah. Hari ini ada ulangan kimia dan untungnya soalnya gampang. Trus aku pulang jam 13.30 trus istirahat siang. Jam 16.00 aku pergi ke les-lesan Inggris dan malangnya aku nggak tau kalo ni ari tuh ada progress test!! Nyebelin banget... . Kursuse selesai jam 18.00 trus aku pulang. DI rumah aku nonton tv sama belajar fisika.


  1. Hi, i was looking if you have a tagboard, but since i could not find one, i decided to just leave my print here, hehehe...

    thank you for visiting my blog, your blog is cool too!

    hope to hear from you more often.

    exchange links?

  2. > to Dops >> I have a tagboard, but u should click the CHAT NOW first then you can post... > OK, i will link your blog :D