Monday, August 08, 2005

Tiring Monday...


Today i got up at 5.55 AM then i went to school. Today at school we had a math exam (actually on Saturday we also had math exam, but the teacher decided to give us one more exam, arrgggh... ) . However, after these 2 exams i didn't feel that the questions were as hard as i had heard from my seniors before... . I got 10 on the 2nd exam (he hasn't finished correcting the first exam yet). Monday is the hardest day for us.... . Then afterschool, i went to the Internet Cafe until 17.00. After that i went home and then did my routinities (read books, watched tv, etc....). The good news is that tomorrow there will be no exam. Yaay!!!


Hari ini aku bangun jam 5.55 pagi trus pergi ke sekolah. Di skul hari ini ada ulangan matematika (sebenere Sabtu kemarin matematika ulangan juga, tp gurune nyuruh bwat ulangan lagi sekali lagi, arrghhh....). Trus, habis 2 kali ulangan ini aku koq ndak ngerasa kalo soalnya nggak sesusah kata2 kakak kelas dulu yach.... . Aku dapet 10 di ulangan kedua (dia malah belom selese ngoreksi ulangan pertama). Senen emang hari paling berat.... . Trus habis sekolah aku pergi ke kafe internet sampe jam 17.00 sore. Trus aku pulang dan melakukan rutinitas (mbaca buku, nonton tv, dll....). Berita baiknya, besok ndak ada ulangan. Yes!!!


  1. Hello, you stopped by my blog the other day...just thought I would do the same. I was wondering how you found my blog? Well have a nice day. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Your blog is also nice. Greetings from MEXICO and hope to see you more often.

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