Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tiring Saturday


Today is my second day of this short holiday. I slept at 5 AM in the morning (because i browsed internet) and got up at 9 AM because my friend rang me. Then after that i did my school assignment until noon. After that i played a PC game until 14.00 PM. I was so tired (i slept only 4 hours that morning and it bothered me a lot), so i took a nap at 14.00 PM .At 16.oo PM i was woken up to go to the gym. I went to the gym at 16.30 PM and finished at 18.00 PM. Then i went back home, continued doing my assignment. Then at 20.30 PM i went playing bowling. It was so crowded (it always happens on Saturday Night). I played well today, and at 12.30 AM, we went back home. I was so sleepy, so at 1 AM i went to bed.


Hari ini adalah hari kedua dari liburan yang pendek ini. Aku tidur jam 5 pagi (gara2 aku main internet) trus bangun baru jam 9 pagi gara temenku nelpon aku. Trus habis itu aku ngerjain tugas sekolah sampe siang. Habis itu main game komputer sampe jam 2 siang. Aku capek banget (aku tidur cuma 4 jam pagi itu dan itu sangat mengganggu aku), jadi aku istirahat siang jam 2 siang. Jam 4 sore aku dibangunin untuk pergi ke gym. Jadi jam 4.30 sore aku pergi ke gym sampe jam 6 sore. Trus aku pulang n ngelanjutin ngerjain tugas sekolah. Trus jam 8.30 malem aku pergi main bowling. Tadi rame banget (selalu terjadi tiap malem Minggu). Aku main lumayan hari ini, trus jam 12.30 pagi aku pulang. Aku ngantuk banget, jadi jam 1 aku langsung tidur.


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  4. Hello, here again...

    how are you? well aside from the daily itenirary you have...

    do you have any other stories to share? like...any lessons you learned from your daily experiences? it would also be interesting to write them all, after it would speak more you...

    cheers and have a happy monday!