Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Trip To Bandung

Note : I don’t write the Indonesian version for this message because it is very long… .

Turangga Express arrived at Jogjakarta Station at 12.05 AM then i boarded into it and sat on the second vehicle. I couldn’t sleep well in it (it was a rough journey), and after I finally fell asleep (at about 4 AM), some women who sat 2 or 3 rows in front of me started to talk and made noisy noise so I couldn’t sleep at all!! The train was not on time. It should have arrived at 6.45 AM but it arrived at 8.05 AM. After arriving there, we were picked up then we went to our hotel. We just took a rest on the first day and studied for the competition the next day.

On Wednesday we got up at 6.30 AM then at 7.30 we went to Unpar (Parahyangan University). After the opening ceremony, the competition started. On the first round we had to do 50 questions, and the scoring is: 4 for a correct answer, 0 for an empty, and -1 for a wrong answer. I could make 18 questions (that I was sure that they were correct) and I regretted because I didn’t brave enough to take a risk. Actually I had 4 others questions that I was not sure (but because it was a multiple choice test so I could predict which one was the correct answer). Because of that I failed (I asked a boy who sat next to me how many questions he could do and he answered 18 (same with me), but he passed and I failed, so it means that if I had answer one more question correctly, I would have passed to the semi-final round, and I regret so much). Actually I was not in my maximum condition at that time. If I were, I could do about 30 – 35 questions. However, the good thing that I could take because I failed was I didn’t have to study anymore, so I could spend my time there just like in a holiday…. . Lol.

On Thursday I got up at 8 AM (I didn’t have to go to Unpar anymore….). We went to Rumah Mode and I bought a t-shirt. Then we went to Cihampelas until 3 PM. Then we went back to the hotel and at 4 PM we went to CiWalk and Bandung Supermall (BSM).

On Friday we got up at 8 AM then we went to Tangkuban Perahu. We arrived there at 9.45 AM and we enjoyed the scenery until 10 AM. Because we still had time so we went to Ciater until 11.30. After that we had lunch at Lembang. At 16.00 we went to the railway station (our train (Turangga Express) departed at 18.30) and on the way to the station there was an accident. A car exploded!!! Fortunately the driver was okay and not injured. Our train departed on time at 18.30 and arrived in Jogja at 03.00 AM.


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