Saturday, January 01, 2011

#870 - Happy New Year 2011!!

Hello all!! I want to say:


to all of us!!

May 2011 be a lot better and more awesome year than 2010!!

Anyway, if at this time last year I was thinking that 2009 was an unproductive year for this blog, well, 2010 has kinda been even more unproductive in that kind of point of view as I only posted 82 entries. Well, forget about that, why do we have to dwell about numbers?? The more important thing is the essence, right? :-)

Well, thanks for supporting my blog and I will keep writing here!! :-)

p.s: Just as before, I am now in the middle of my holiday in Italy, to be precise, in Venice, when this entry is posted. That is why I put this entry in automatic-post so that I still can post it when I am away in holiday. :-)


  1. happy new year 2011

    gak dingin di venice?

  2. @ Dian : hehehe :) Mayan dingin tuh, tp gak sedingin Belanda pas sebulan lalu, lol