Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday and A Shock


Inspirated by Hide a.k.a Owen, this afternoon my friends and I played bowling again (after being absent for about 2 months). We went there at 3 PM and arrived at about 3.30 PM. We then played 2 games each. Because we (especially I) hadn't been playing bowling for more than 2 months, so we were stiff again and for sure, we didn't make high score. Well, there were some people played bowling this afternoon. It was beyond my expectation, I thought there would not be many people (since I thought people had been bored with this kind of game) playing bowling.

After that, at 4.50 PM we left the bowling centre and then we had dinner at Waroeng Steak until 6.00 PM. Then, I accompanied one of my friend went to an accesories shop near Waroeng Steak. At 6.30 PM, we then decided to go to the karyoke. We didn't go to the place which I went to last week (actually we wanted to go there because they gave us a free pass for 1 hour, and that's pretty interesting, wasn't it??). Unfortunately, that voucher was valid only until 6th April 2006. And today is 7th April 2006. Arrrgggghhhhhh..... . OK, because we were disappointed last week, so we went to another place. It was more expensive, but they served a lot better service and more comfortable (and cool) place. We then finished at 7.45 PM.

And then we went to one of my friend's house (his house is in Ramai Mall), and actually I planned to look for an mp3s CD (I was looking for an old song: Bad Day by Daniel Powter). But when we arrived there, the stall had already closed. Arrrggghhhh... . Ok, then we went to a small sidewalk stall. The good news is that I finally got the CD I was looking for, and the bad news is that it was raining pretty hard at that time. But that's okay. Then, I went back home...

Watching the top 9 show of American Idol 2006 really shocked me. The result was unbelievable. Mandisa, Elliot, and Paris were in the bottom three. All of them are great singers and also potential (well, for me, some other contestants who were safe actually deserved to be in the bottom three more than them). And you know what? Mandisa was voted off!!! What??? What the hell happened? She is one of the most talented and best singer in this competition and now she got voted off in the top 9 show?? She does deserve to stay on that stage longer (at least until the top 5 or top 3). Yea, Mandisa didn't show her best this week, but it doesn't mean that she was the worst. Arrrggghhhh.... . My favorite contestant now is only Katharine McPhee so far (probably some othe contestants will be my favorite too, but until today she is my only favourite (after Mandisa left the competition)).

::: Bottom three this week


Terinspirasi oleh Hide a.k.a Owen, siang ini aku dan beberapa temenku main bowling lagi (setelah nggak main selama sekitar 2 bulan). Kita pergi kesana jam 3 sore trus sampenya ya sekitar jam 3.30an.Kita trus main masing-masing 2 game. Karena kita (terutama aku) dah lama banget ga main bowling tuh (sekitar 2 bulan lebih deh), jadi kita mainnya kaku lagi dan tentu aja donk, nilainya ga tinggi-tinggi amat. Ternyata ada beberapa orang yang main bowling tadi siang. Itu di atas perkiraanku, soalnya aku kira nggak bakalan banyak orang yang main (soalnya aku kira orang-orang dah pada bosen sama game ini)..

Habis itu, sekitar jam 4.50 sore kita meninggalkan tempat bowlingnya trus makan di Waroeng Steak sampe jam 6 sore. Trus aku nemenin temenku pergi ke toko aksesoris di deketnya Waroeng Steak. Jam 6.30 trus kita pergi ke tempat karaoke. Kita nggak pergi ke tempat yang minggu lalu kita datengin (sebenernya sih kita mau loh pergi ke sana soalnya kan dulu kita dapet voucher gratis 1 jam, lumayan kan??). Sayangnya, ternyata vouchernya cuma berlaku sampe tanggal 6 April 2006, padahal hari ini kan tanggal 7 April 2006. Arrrgggghhhhhh..... . OK, bkarena kita dah ekcewa minggu lalu, jadi kita pergi ke tempat karaoke yang lain. Lebih mahal sih, tapi mereka kan ngasi pelayanan yang lebih bagus, dan tempatnya lebih nyaman (dan keren). Kita selesai jam 7.45 malem.

Trus kita pergi ke rumah salah satu temenku dan sebenernya aku pingin nyari sebuah CD mp3 (aku lagi nyari lagu lama: Bad Day oleh Daniel Powter). Tapi waktu kita nyampek, ternyata tokonya dah tutup. Arrrggghhhh... . Ok, trus kita pergi ke toko kecil di pinggiran jalan. Berita bagusnya, aku dapet CD yang aku cari, dan berita buruknya adalah tadi tuh hujan lumayan deres tuh. Tapi nggak papa. Trus aku pulang...

Nonton show 9 besar American Idol 2006 bener-bener bikin shock. Hasilnya nggak bisa dipercaya. Masak Mandisa, Elliot, dan Paris masuk 3 terendah. Padahal mereka kan bagus-bagus dan potensial (sebenernya sih untuk aku ada beberapa kontestan lain yang aman tapi sebenernya lebih berhak untuk berada di 3 terbawah minggu ini lebih daripada mereka bertiga). Dan tahu nggak?? Mandisa tersisih!!! Apa??? Apa yang terjadi? Dia adalah salah satu kontestang yang paling berbakat dan paling bagus di season ini dan sekarang dia tersisih di peringkat 9?? Dia bener-bener berhak loh untuk bertahan lebih lama (paling nggak sampe 5 besar atau 3 besar lah). Iya sih, Mandisa nggak menunjukkan yang terbaiknya minggu ini, tapi itu kan bukan berarti dia yang terburuk. Arrrggghhhh.... . Kontestan favoritku sekarang tinggal Katharine McPhee deh sejauh ini (mungkin aja kan ntar aku jadi suka sama kontestan yang lain juga, tapi sampe saat ini sih dia lah satu-satunya favoritku (setelah Mandisa tersisih dari kompetisi ini)).

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