Friday, January 13, 2006

About The Apprentice Indonesia

Just like what I have promised before, I would write about one Reality Show in Indonesia: The Apprentice Indonesia.

First of all, because we have the
official site of The Apprentice Indonesia, so I don't write the Indonesian here since that the official site is all written in Indonesian...


The Apprentice Indonesia is actually adopted form the US's version (The Donald Trump's version). Before it's played on TV, Indosiar had presented 2 seasons of The US Apprentice (the first and second season which brought Bill Rancic and Kelly Perdew as the winner). The Boss here is
Peter F. Gontha and the two advisors are Hans Nugroho and Gaby Motuloh

We have
16 candidates here, which came from different background and location (all of them are 'booksmarts' >> they have the university's degrees) which consist of 8 male candidates and 8 female candidates. Peter F. Gontha at first divided the candidates into 2 groups, men versus women. The men named their team: GRANDE Corp. ; and the women named the team: PT. SRIKANDI INDONESIA.

It was quite similar with The US version. At the first four weeks, 4 male candidates (
Pandu, Michael, Aries, and Eka) got fired and only left 4 more male candidates. Then, on the fifth till seventh week, three female candidates (Restu, Agustini, and Putri) got fired. On the eighth week, the boardroom was very very hot and quite controversial since Nji attacked Franky sharply. However, because Franky was The Project Manager at that time, Franky was the one who got fired at this episode. Then on the ninth until twelfth week, 4 more female candidates (Louise, Nji, Elva, and Susan) got fired and only left Lila as the only female candidate on the top four. On the thirteenth episode, Safti got fired. Therefore we got Fendi, Lila, and Albert as the top three of The Apprentice Indonesia. The fourteenth task was the interview task and at this episode, based on the 4 execs' recommendations and the 3 candidates' performance on the previous tasks, Albert got fired. Click here if you wanna see the Project Tracker completely.

Then, we are now down to The Final Two with 2 candidates left: Fendi and Lila. Who will be The First Apprentice?? We will find it out next Monday!!!

On The Final task, Fendi and Lila got 6 'employees' (the ex-candidates). Fendi got Nji, Pandu, and Elva; and Lila got Agustini, Albert, and Franky as her employees. As The Final Task, Fendi had to run an autoclub event and Lila had to run a basketball event. Actually Lila had a problem with Agustini because on the sixth task, Agustini got fired, and Lila claimed that nobody liked Agustini as the member of the team. Fendi got an advantage since during the show, he had good relation with all other candidates. But, he had to run a tougher task to do as The Final Task.

During The Show, Peter Gontha reshufled the team members several times. And also, the name of the teams were changed. Grande evolves to Reborn Corporation on the sixth task (and it brought them a victory after 5 weeks losts) and Srikandi evolves to Synergy Corporation on the twelfth task (and it also brought victory after 6 weeks losts).

The tasks were mainly concentrating on marketing, especially on the beginning until the middle of the show.


I like this Reality Show a lot, and I will write my comments about this show on the next message after we get The First Apprentice.... :) But in my own opinion, I think Fendi has a bigger chance to win.... :)

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