Friday, December 02, 2005

Plain Friday


Well, it's not Friday that I always wait for. This day was not special and was just fine and plain. At school there was nothing special except we had 3 hours watching movie (Friday is the most relaxing day). Actually my friends and I planned to hang out this afternoon but then he cancelled it (I think he prefer playing an online game which, for me, is not a good game nor educating game, also indulging). Well, it's his choice of course and I don't deserve to force him not to play that game, but as friend I have already reminded him that that game is 'dangerous'. It's his choice to listen or not. And also, he cancelled it just 3 hours before the deal time (he is gonnabe like my other friend that always breaks his promise just in seconds before the deal time). Then, at afternoon I just took a nap until the evening. At 6 PM I had my TOEFL Class until 7.30 PM. After that I went back home, did my biology assignment, and of course surf the net...


Hari Jumat ini bukan kayak Jumat yang biasanya aku tunggu-tunggu. Hari ini nggak spesial alias hanya biasa-biasa saja dan datar. Di sekolah tadi nggak ada yg spesial kecuali nonton film selama 3 jam (Jumat adalah hari yg paling santai). Sebenernya, temen2ku dan aku dah ngerencanain mo pergi tadi siang, tapi kemudian dia membatalkannya. (kayaknya sih dia memilih untuk main sebuah game online yang, menurut aku, bukan sebuah game yg bagus ataupun game yg mendidik, juga hanya membuat kita ketagihan). Itu memang pilihannya dan aku nggak punya hak buat maksa dia nggak main game itu, tapi sebagai teman yg baik aku sudah mengingatkan dia bahwa game itu 'berbahaya'. Itu pilihannya mau mendengarkan apa nggak. Dan juga, dia membatalkannya hanya 3 jam sebelum waktu perjanjian (dia menjadi semakin mirip sama seorang temenku yg lain yang selalu mengingkari janjinya mendadakTrus siangnya aku istirahat sampe sore. Jam 6 sore aku les TOEFL sampe jam 7.30 malem. Trus aku pulang, ngerjain tugas biologi, dan tentu saja main internet...


  1. Hm.. so, how's the TOEFL, Zilko? Have a blessed weekend! :-)

  2. hello!! thanks for droppin by on mah bloggy... :) hope we can be friends!!!

  3. Indrasaree : It was good, but.... . My score drops about 30 points :(( >> if I compare with my TOEFL score 1,5 years ago... . But I am optymist I can increase my score again... :D

    Ayeka : Thx 4 revisiting. Sure... :D

  4. hi ziko....lam kenal ya...have a great day always

  5. hey thanks for stoppin by! I'll see ya around!!!

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog, zilko =) i cant figure out how to post on your tagboard, though. haha.

    anyway, i also hate it when people break their promises. that's just so uncool.

    good luck with school! =)

  7. Hi Laureen

    Thx 4 revisiting my blog..

    U can post ur comment on my tagboard by clicking the button "CHAT NOW" then the usual buttons will appear... :D

    Yea, promise breakers are suck....

    Keep in touch... :D